Kodi 17.1 4.4 Android powered devices

EBMC/ Kodi 17.1 running on 4.4

EBox bring you the newest version of Kodi V,17.1 for Android operated devices 4.4 and above

Here we bring you the newest version of MyGica fork Kodi 17.1 4.4. For Android-powered devices that are running Android 4.4 and above. You can see the full download and install guide here. Working closely with Mygica we can now offer you EBMC 4.4- v,17.1. This was due to be in our hands some weeks past until Kodi dropped 17.2. And then within a day, they released version 17.3 as it was found there were bugs in the 17.2 release. Also after they released 17.2 to fix the bug in 17.1. Which could allow for a backdoor to your system or possible virus which was discovered in a subtitle zip file.

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EBox MC based on FTMC has now been released. You can find the new version of EBox MC here. This is based on Kodi 16 Jarvis with a twist. you can still use all the latest add-ons with this build of EBox MC

EBox work with MyGica to give Kodi users peace of mind removing subtitle zip file

We at Entertainment Box went to great lengths in our discussion. So we could make the decision to release this version to you as some worry had been caused by a Kodi press release. After careful consideration, and research with Mygica. EntertainmentBox is confident that the Subtitle Zip File which was found to contain the error in 17.1 has been removed. We decided that you the user should have the option of every version. We can offer you, therefore, we bring you EBMC Kodi 4.4 -v,17. The security patch that was placed in Kodi 17.2 was meant to fix the issue found. However, there were problems with the 17.2 version itself. This was quickly detected by users and reported back to Kodi. However, there does not appear to have been any recorded issue of any affected people if there was then it was never reported to have affected any users

Our OTA updater keeps EBox users from being stuck behind with technology

The version released here is Mygica Fork of Kodi 17.1 first released as v,17 due to having a large amount of stock of older Android Powered devices. This was a very clever move by Mygica and came at a time when the Kodi community was in turmoil over the upgrade from Jarvis Kodi 16.1 to Krypton 17 earlier this year. This version of 17.1 has really opened doors for users of under Android 5 who cannot upgrade their devices. We at Entertainment box take every step to upgrade our devices at regular intervals to make sure our users move forward with technology rather than be stuck behind.


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OTA update TV boxes

One of the methods used by EBox is our OTA Updater App. This also helps us keep our customers up to date at the press of a button. OTA updater is the perfect tool to make sure we do not fall under the same struggles. Furthermore, Mygica have not been able to upgrade a lot of their devices

Kodi 17.1 4.4 Android Powered device app is also found in the EBox app store update today

Users will have the option of installing the latest EBMC Kodi 4.4 from either visiting our page on how to install Kodi 17.1 on Android 4.4. If you are using the T8v 5 or other versions we have just pushed an update for these devices. Which includes an updated version of Kodi 4.4 app installed in our app store. Other latest releases of updates are the Q Box And Q box lite which also have access to Kodi 4.4 versions via the App store.