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Entertainment Box is the best place to shop for a new smart TV box or a TV stick. We specialize in hot gadgets and internet streamers all with super-fast shipping to the UK and USA.

We are a UK based trusted company – leading the way as one of the UK’s and USA’s leading distributor of the all the latest gadgets to hit the market. We have enough stock to sell on a wholesale basis as well as directly to individuals. EntertainmentBox® has long established itself since 26 Nov 2013 as a market leader when it comes to selling high end gadgets, like a TV box or mobile phone watches and many other types of Kodi gadgets.

Entertainment Box’s main aim is to provide amazing customer experience. From the moment, you purchase your item we will work hard with you to ensure you are completely satisfied. If you are still not happy you have 30 days, in which to return your item for a full refund.

About a TV box

A TV box has many different names including OTT Box or streaming box, a Kodi TV box is sometimes referred to as STB (set top box or boxes). But the most common name by far is a smart TV box or TV stick, because they are connected to any TV through the HDMI port, once connected to the internet they turn your TV into a super Smart TV. You do not need a satellite dish or an external aerial to use a TV box as it has an internet TV box therefore uses an internet connection and applications to stream TV and movies. They all can run on different operating systems such as Android®, Apple TVos, and Windows. With a TV box, you can now accomplish many tasks e.g. web browsing, emailing, gaming, downloading, streaming all on your big screen TV.” Android TV or Android TV boxes are largest size in market for streaming used these days. As Android with KODI software is easy to use and KODI for Android and Amazon Fire TV ,Amazon fire streaming. Also, if you have 4K TV, EntertainmentBox is best place to get A Ultra 4K HD TV Boxes.

Best TV boxes UK and USA including Europe

EntertainmentBox® or EBox® to our friends, use trust and the best customer service possible to ensure our customers are happy. We have been able to build a good community of followers. We are the Best TV Box UK Store. How do we know this? Simple, we provide only the TV smart boxes with super-fast worldwide shipping then offer as much support and updates as possible. Now I know what you’re thinking it’s a big claim to be the best but we have an unrivalled following, 71,900 Twitter followers and over 93,000 tweets. On Facebook, we have over 5,200 Facebook likesour YouTube channel has over 1m views and 9,500 YouTube followers with over 61 videos.

We pride ourselves on after sales support and customer satisfaction. We have been supplying android TV smart boxes for so long now and know everything there is to know about them with various option of models for 4K HDR supported as well. Now we use our knowledge to teach new users how to get the best out of their new Smart TV box. EntertainmnetBox, now have a dispatch centre in Chicago and London UK. With plans for a further dispatch centre in mainland Europe, making international shipping and returns that much quicker. Our growth in the USA has been absolutely astounding so it’s only right we work on providing only the best service possible across the world. EntertainmentBox provides a 12-month warranty and also a “30 day money back guarantee” from the date of the original purchase against any manufacturing faults. If your device is faulty or unrepairable you know we will have you covered.

Shipping and payments

EBox® are also extremely proud to offer worldwide delivery on all items. We offer extremely fast shipping with same day shipping if ordered before 2pm and next day delivery in the UK! We are also pleased to offer International delivery from 3 days! Regarding payments, we have a quick and easy payment process, accepting all major credit and debit cards through PayPal. You do not need to have a account with PayPal you can go through the checkout process as a guest. PayPal only take the payment for us.

How to contact us or ask a question

It really is that easy to order from Entertainment Box but we don’t stop there. We also offer some of the best customer support and after sales care in the business.

No matter which mode of social media you use, we have something for you. So, if you have any questions then simply get in touch with one of the support teams or use the instant chat messaging service directly on the site.

Smart TV box UK apps

We now live in an age where streaming TV is the easiest way to watch all your favourite TV stations. When you stream TV, you do not need an external aerial as you use apps and the internet to watch TV. The channels that are available will depend on what app you are using to stream TV. The advantages of using a streaming box to stream TV is that you can watch TV stations from streaming sites like TVPlayer, TV Guide, and TVCatchup or one of the many TV on demand apps on your TV. With so many apps available for streaming, you will be spoilt for choice of TV stations. Some apps will only work in the UK that’s why all our devices have IPVanish VPN installed. Now you can use that all important app no, matter what country you are in.

Over the air software updates

EBox® also offer OTA software  updates this way your device will always be running on the latest software. This is a one click update no messing about. We customize all our Android Based software so your device will always be optimised and running at its full potential.

What is Kodi / XBMC / EBox MC / SPMC

All are media centres applications. They work in exactly the same way, you can install kodi 3rd party add-ons allowing you to access content through the internet. They will also allow you to play any media file you have on a local drive. The other main difference is they have different fixes. Kodi will always be the best version if your installing it on Windows or other supported devices.

But if you are using an Android based streamer or then you are better off using our EBox MC based on SPMC and it will perform better on your Android device. Kodi can be installed onto platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS And the Raspberry Pi.  All our TV smart boxes are (2016 kodi) Kodi 17 Krypton ready and with the new Kodi 18.0 Leia (2017 kodi) you know your kodi streaming device will always be up to date. Try not to worry too much about what is the best version of kodi to install as we always have the best version pre-installed on all our devices.

How to choose the right TV smart box or TV stick for you.

Different internet TV boxes give you access to different online content. One thing you can be sure of is they all have Kodi pre-installed. But if you pick let’s say an Apple TV 4 you will get access to iTunes Movies of if you Pick an Android based Smart box you can use Amazon Instant Video. All our TV smart boxes offer access to BBC iPlayer, and other catch-up services, such as ITV hub, 4oD and Demand5. They will also let you stream films from Netflix (if you have subscribed), or watch videos on sites such as YouTube; and Hulu. If you wanted to use the Sky go app you will need a Windows based streaming box or stick and a sky subscription or passes.

New to TV boxes? smart box for TV help, TV box setup, Help guides About buying TV boxes

We all started somewhere and with a little help you could have your device setup in under 5 minutes. And we also have over 100 pages with helpful tips and tricks you can call upon in your time of need. We also have guides on setting up your device and how to Stream TV. We recommend you use a VPN with all our devices which come preloaded with VPN. If you don’t already have an account, we have set up a special discount for IPVanish VPN. To find out more about what a VPN is, why you need one, and how to set it up click here

Best streaming Apps for your device

A streaming box relies on applications to work but with so much choice on offer you will be able find that application for any type of streaming requirements. Let’s say you used live in Albania but now live in the UK or USA. You can use your device to search google for the Best Albanian TV apps for Android. As you can see you can download 100s of Albanian TV apps available to download that can be installed with one click on your streaming box. We picked Albania to demonstrate how easy it is to find international TV streams for your streaming box but it will also work for any country in the world. Now you are starting to understand, right? With access to millions of applications the world is your oyster.

Gaming internet boxes

With games now one of the main focal points being looked at when buying a Smart box, it is now even easier to play games on your internet box. The good thing about internet boxes is that they are Mini PC’s allowing the user to download games directly onto the device. All TV boxes can run games but you may find the lower end devices will struggle a little when compared with high end TV boxes due to lack of high end specifications.

Best OTT box Accessories

We specialize in only the best box accessories, if you are looking for a replacement plug or a new keyboard or even a HDD for your device then you know you are in safe hands. Reply 2016 and 2017 accessories for OTT TV boxes.

Projectors powered by Kodi and Android

New in for 2017 are mini projectors and full size projectors, these work in the same way as a box for TV or a TV stick but you do not need a TV to display what you are streaming as it projects the image onto any wall or screen. All our projectors have kodi pre-installed, all you need is an internet connection to run and you are good to go. Amazon Fire TV is also great for streaming. 

We have 3 projectors to choose from, all with different features including HDMI input (which allows you to plug in a HDMI cable into the projector so you can then display an image on your wall) and HDMI output (which allows you to plug in a HDMI cable into the projector so you can then display your projector onto a TV or monitor). The best feature of the mini projectors is that they have an internal battery allowing you to be able to take it out then use it without a mains charger. To increase the level and quality of sound, why not invest in a Bluetooth Speaker with built in power bank?

Mobile phone watches and kids GPS track and trace mobile watches

Mobile phone watches are a new gadget to be hitting the market which start at £34.99. We stock the best smart watches at affordable prices. The latest mobile phone watch we have released is to be worn by children and it has features like SOS call home, GPS tracker which connects to your mobile phone through an app, electronic fence, remote monitor function, two-way communication, SOS-one key calling for help, call blocking function, track history and back sensor (which will alert you if the watch has been taken off). The responsible adult can monitor the child by way of an app installed on their smart phone.

Virtual Reality headsets 

VR Headsets allow you to see a different view of the world we live in today. Imagine flying around another country such as the USA or taking a stroll on the other side of the world without taking a step out your front door. This is happing now with the help of Virtual reality headsets. Transport yourself into a different world in the blink of an eye.

Handheld gaming consoles powered by Android

The fantastic Q9 Gamepad is extremely versatile. Is it an Android device? Or is it a games console? Maybe it a games emulator? ..Well it’s all of that and more! The GPD is an amazing piece of kit allowing you to play all your retro games on the go. Not finished watching that film? With the GPD Q9 you can Stream TV on the go, there is no need for an external power supply as it has a powerful built in battery.

Other services offered by EntertainmentBox

If you have A device that is out of warranty or you have purchased your device from a different seller. And are having trouble. We offer a £20.00 TV box repair service. All you need to do is place an order for the service, send in your device to fix (postage costs to be covered by purchaser). If for whatever reason we are unable to fix your device we will send you a £20.00 gift card to be used towards your next purchase of a new device. We also offer an IOS app signing service for Apple TV 4 iPads and iPhones so if you have an apple device and would like us to sign your apps so they will last at least 1 year then check out the link below.

Fully loaded and cloned TV smart boxes

When out shopping for the latest gadgets keep yourself safe from being swindled. Buy from a name you can trust with a proven record of accomplishment. The main thing you need to know is that other sellers will offer free movies, free TV, and free box sets, these are what we call fully loaded box sellers. We have many posts on why you should stick with a box seller that has been around a long time. Check out a few posts below on fully loaded TV boxes and cloned TV boxes.

Best TV box 2017 EBox T8 V 

Find out how the Best TV Box was a Perfect Start for the New Year- the EBox T8 V smart TV box Review

With the New Year, the Internet streaming fans just got a better start! The latest version of the EBox T8 V smart TV box which is based on Android of the version, 6. 0. 1 Marshmallow became available! The year just started but this already scored the leader boards becoming the Best TV box 2017. In the year which recently passed, the T8 V4 was the most popular Entertainment Box versions but with the introduction of its newest addition to the family, the T8 version just topped all! The fans of Entertainment Box have certainly been all riled up and excited when the news made to the public about the new addition.

As the company has finally added their latest brand new Box in the market, let us go through the specifications and details of how it won the hearts of millions of users and is certainly the Best box for kodi 2017. Here is a detailed review of your most awaited TV Box of the year!

The primarily factor that made news was how this version aced all its predecessors and undoubtedly became the Best TV box 2017. Over the years, you will find how others have tried to ace up their game with emulations of various versions however, none ever succeeded. This new blockbuster has received a lot of new changes, updates, introduction of new technology and features however; you will still find it resembling its family with respect to the design which can accommodate an internal SATA HDD very easily.

A Guide into Internet Streaming Boxes

If you are competently new to the idea of Internet streaming boxes, then this guidance will help you gain an insight. Internet streaming boxes which are also known as TV boxes or Kodi boxes are devices using which you can stream content into your TV box. You have the access to more than a million of applications and from as many service providers as you may wish for. The applications vary in their genre including sports, movies, International TV stations and TV shows.

In this EBox T8 V Smart TV box, you will find your most used and daily popular apps already pre- installed in your TV box for easy use. In cases of some applications such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime you will need to pay your monthly subscription however in cases of Kodi, EBox, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, MC, Plex and more streaming apps you need not provide any subscriptions. As you use your TV box, you will find an extensive range of features which will help you enhance your user ability features and your comfort.

For example, if you do not find the desired app you are looking for, you can simply search it on the web browser which is already built in and download and install the application yourself. You also can change the location of your device by simply using a VPN server. Hence, you will not need to worry about Geo- restrictions and Geo- blocked apps. Using the ability to change your location, you can easily use apps which may not be allowed in your location or country. So, you must be excited to use one yourself and experience the comfort of Internet and television entertainment at the same time. The EBox T8 V Smart TV box brings you the best comforts and features.

EBox T8 V Smart TV box- Its Usage and a Guide of Purposes

With the help of the Internet box you can practically take the advantage of almost all media solutions. This is where you find the highest level of convenience since the mixture of the best features of your technologies help you provide a combined result. This Best internet box 2017 can perform almost all the functions of the modern day Smart phone except for the difference of not being a touch screen facility.

  • You can stream anything you want- You have the option to stream Live TV, movies and shows. Also stream movies from your home network, SD card or HDD to the device as well.
  • You can use EBMC and internationally- when you purchase this TV box, a blank version of EMBC is already pre- installed, we don’t install configuration, builds or wizards.
  • With the EBox T8 V Smart TV box you can play games to your heart’s content- You have the chance to play games with an emulator at high resolution and visual features.
  • Pre-installed apps- Among the numerous pre-installed apps you will get the play store, Netflix, AirPlay, Plex, Aptoide app store, OTA updates, IP Vanish and much more. Therefore, you can take the advantage of the bloatware and install your own apps according to your needs and convenience.

The New Additions in T8 V Internet Box

The EBox T8 V Smart TV box made the headlines as the Best kodi TV box 2017. It is packed with new additions of features, technologies, and functions. Here is a glance of the newest additions made to the latest brand addition of TV box.

  • The addition of Android 6. 0. 1 Marshmallow- with this addition, you will find the features of Android 6.0.1 to your smart TV as you find the least OS features which the Amlogic chip installed inside provides.
  • Perfect Addition of the GPY, Processor for some heavy gaming on Android. If you spend your time in Internet gaming, HD streaming and android gaming. Then the installing of the Octa Core ARM Mali- T820MP3 with the Amlogic S912 CPU will bring your expectations true. The CPU is also armed with Octa- core ARM Cortex- A53.  Which is capable of high performance HD streaming.
  • A Custom dual launcher has been added for support and guidance to both beginners and experts. If you are a newbie who is finding out about the features of an Internet box. and then this custom-made launcher will perfectly guide to learn the functionality of your device. This custom guide includes help centre, forums, links to setup guides and much more. It is also a dual launcher, which means for experienced and expert users. they can easily switch between launchers without any notifications and at any desired time.
  • High resolution for your screen with the inclusion of the 10- bit deep color feature. The best visual display can be achieved now with the unique addition of the 10- bit color. With this, you can get a primary shade of more than 1024 colors and billions of combinations of those color choices. The EBox T8 V Smart TV box has already been branded as the Best TV box 2017 because its features are already included with plans to help adapt to the future changes in the technology of your TV set. For example, in this year, your 4K TV will come with HDR color. Therefore, with the addition of the 10- bit deep color you will have color enhancements of wide color gamut. It surpasses your regular 8- bit color and SDR display.
  • The addition of a 4K HDR at 60 Hz- The HDR is the element which helps to bring you a higher level of contrast between your dark and light images, this helps to being a crisp contrast to help display the screens more realistically. Quite a significant move, it is believed to be a very big leap in the industry and provides higher resolution than UHD.

Packaging and Looks

The packaging is renewed, and as it is delivered in front of your door step. You will find a refined black box of Entertainment Box in front of you. The inside is packed with secured wraps and supports. You can purchase the premium keyboard options such as the S77 Pro Air Mouse and built in keyboard. Or a keyboard with a mouse pad like Rii i12.

The design of the T8 V is like its ancestor, the V4 which is a classy black colour. Underneath you will find ports to connect your device with a SATA drive.

Specs and Details of EBox T8 V Smart TV box 

As mentioned before, the EBox T8 V Smart TV box has the OS of 6.0 Marshmallow android. A processor of Amlogic S912 Octa core ARM Cortex- A53 CPU up to a total of 2 GHz. It has an internal storage of 16 GB eMMC, a memory of 2 GB DDR3, a USB host of high speed USB 2.0 with a USB disk and USB HDD support. The video decoder if of 4kp 60 10- bit and a power supply is of DC 5V/ 2A. The packaging includes the T8 C, a power adapter, an IR remote control, a HDMI Cable, and a user manual.

The range of Features of the Best internet box 2017

Detailed information about the features of the EBox T8 V Smart TV box:

  • Firstly, is the Amlogic S912- this processor has replaced the Penta- core GPU and makes some significant and noticeable changes. The processor is much more powerful and faster. It can smoothly support HD streaming and gives a 4K quality.

Extra Offers and Premium Additions

With the purchase of the EBox T8 V Smart TV box. You can always get a 30-day money back guarantee. Apart from that, a guaranteed 12 month service is provided with the purchase. You can access the 24/ 7 support team for any of your quires via email, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You also have the option to upgrade your experience. Through the premium purchase for a smoother user experience and faster navigation. The premium accessories include a remote or a keyboard for your Internet streaming box. It has advanced features than the regular remote or the keyboard.


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Easily! The EBox T8 V Smart TV box is the Best internet box 2017 without a doubt we also stock Amazon TV fire box. You get a money back guarantee of 30 days with the purchase as well. You are surely going to become a bigger fan of Entertainment box with the use of the T8. It has aced all the aspects for user friendly features, comfort, and ease. Hence, go get your EBox T8 V Smart TV box and enjoy the pleasure of entertainment to the fullest!


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