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Download latest Amlogic Burning tool, How to use the USB Burning Tool

How to use the Amlogic USB Burning Tool

Download Amlogic Burning tool, How to use the Amlogic USB Burning Tool, Download and flash your firmware with this tool

Follow this guide on how to install a new firmware image on your TV box by using the Amlogic USB Burning Tool.

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This tool will only work on A Windows PC and will update Amlogic based Android TV boxes that have .img firmware. Not a zip-based firmware with 4 or 5 files inside but a single file update image ending with .img. You can download all available Amlogic TV box software here.

You will need will need Administrator permissions in order to run this tool on your Windows PC.

USB burning tool get key failed FIX

We have seen people having issues with “Get Key Failed” This new tool has bee updated with all the Amlogic Mac keys for all Amlogic boxes. This will fix any¬†key mac failed = 0 error. or other errors relating to¬†Key Failed.error¬†

Quick Guide: Download and use the Amlogic burning tool

  • Download the latest Amlogic burning tool here
  • Extract the downloaded files¬†to your desktop
  • Click on InstallDriver.exe (located in the WorldCup_Device folder)
  • Click the¬†USB_Burning_Tool.exe
  • Change the language to English
  • Connect A device in recovery mode to the PC
  • Click import image then click start
  • Complete you have now recovered your device with the Amlogic burning tool

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Full detailed instructions on how to use the Amlogic USB burning tool

Click here to download the Amlogic USB burning tool.

Once you download the NEW_USB_Burning_Tool.zip, extract the USB_Burning_Tool folder to your PC’s desktop.

Connect your Amlogic Android TV box to your PC

Before installing the USB burning tool, make sure your Android TV box is connected to your PC and powered on with the power adapter. The USB burning tool will install the drivers that your PC will need to have in order to communicate with the TV box.

Install drivers for your Android TV box

If you open the folder WorldCup_Device, you will see the InstallDriver.exe. This will install the required drivers for Amlogic TV boxes. First, connect your device to the PC then click the Driver Installation wizard, your TV box needs to be connected to the tool to know what drivers your TV box needs.

Install the Amlogic USB Burning Tool on your PC

Open the folder “USB_Burning_Tool” then click the “USB_Burning_Tool.exe” to start the USB burning tool.

Once the setup wizard opens click yes to all the options.

Change the language on the Amlogic burning tool

Click the second icon on the top bar to reveal the option for changing the language.

Put your device into recovery mode and connect to your PC

Depending on your device you will need to put it into recovery mode, this is different with all TV boxes. Some have little reset holes some have buttons on the bottom of your device. You need to connect your Android TV box to your PC when it’s in recovery mode in order to upgrade your firmware. If done correctly you will have a connect success like in the image below.

Import your firmware image

Locate your firmware .img file with the file tab on the top left-hand side.

Untick the overwrite key

It is important that you untick the overwrite key box on the right-hand side of the screen like in the image below

Click start to update your firmware

Now you are ready to flash your Android TV box click start and the upgrade process will start.

 Click stop when your Android TV box has finished updating.


This is an easy tutorial that shows you where to download the USB burning tool and how to use it. This updated USB Burning tool has all the keys to fix “Get Key Failed” errors. You can use the Burning tool to upgrade or update an Amlogic TV box. If your TV box has any issues you can always follow this guide that will show you how to fix a TV box the easy way.


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