Guide Smart Kodi TV box for beginners-How to use/setup an Android powered TV box


November 10, 2016

XBMC Kodi addons, Guide Smart Kodi TV box for beginners, How to use/set-up an Android powered TV box

In this post, will be walking you through how to get the most out of your EntertainmentBox®. We will also explain what XBMC Kodi Addons are. If you’re new to Android Powered TV Boxes, or Smart TV Boxes, it can feel a bit daunting in trying to understand how it works, and the best ways to get the most entertainment out of them. In this post and video, I’ll be walking you through how to transform your television into the ultimate entertainment system. (Download the TV box setup for beginners PDF)

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How to set-up an Android-powered Kodi TV box

  • Connect the power and HDMI cable
  • Select the correct HDMI source on the TV you are using
  • You will now see the home screen for the TV box
  • Connect to the internet in settings
  • You can now stream content using apps
  • Complete

Watch our Smart Android TV box for beginners video!“.

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About EntertainmentBox Smart TV boxes / Android Powered TV boxes

The EntertainmentBox connects right to the back of your television, through a standard HDMI cable. The TV Box must also be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi, or an Ethernet cable. After the connections are made, you’ll get a display on your television screen of all the applications on the Entertainment Box. They are shortcuts to the different apps you’ll use on your E-Box. Entertainment Boxes come fully unlocked, so you can install, and uninstall applications as you see fit. And since the E-Box is built on top of the Android system, you can download and use any Android app, right on your television.

About XBMCKodiAddons /Kodi / EBMC / SPMC /  EBox Media Centre

Let’s take a look at an application called  EBox Media Centre, or EBMC for short. The EBox Media Center is built on SPMC, a form of a system called Kodi, which allows you to stream different types of media from your local storage flash drive, or different online sources. EBMC is constantly updated and is the ultimate tool for transforming your television into the entertainment system of your dreams. Let’s take a more in-depth look at how the EBox Media Centre works.

Play video files from your local storage.

If we scroll over to videos and click on files, you’ll have access to any files on a plugged in SD card, or any external hard drive or flash drive you might have connected.

In this case, I have an SD card plugged in with a zip file inside of it. If there were any video files on this SD card, they’d show up and I’d be able to play them right away. But since I don’t have a video file handy, this is where Kodi and the E-Box Media Center shines.

Install Kodi addon from an SD Card

EBMC / Kodi has the ability to add third-party add-ons, which opens a tremendous opportunity to make the E-Box even more functional. Let me take you through how to install these XBMC/Kodi addons.

Click on systems, scroll down to add-ons, then hit install from zip. You should see a directory open up, which allows you to locate your information source, which in this case is the SD Card I have plugged in.

There is also the downloads folder, so anything you download through the web-browser on your E-Box is downloaded into this folder. We’ll cover how to download and install files directly from your web-browser later.

Going back to the SD Card, you can see I have clicked on the 4 on Demand add-on when it starts installing, you’ll be able to see it in the bottom right-hand corner.

Now let’s go back to my video add-ons library. Now that the install is complete, you can see the 4-O-D add-on installed. That’s how easy it is to download and install add-ons onto the E-Box from a SD card..

About Kodi repository’s

Another great feature of the Kodi system and the E-Box Media Centre is the ability to simply enter a URL web address to install any add-on. Let me show you exactly how to do that. First, let me explain what a repository is. A repository is a library of files, in this case, the files are add-ons for the EBMC.

Let’s go into systems, and under systems, you can see the file manager tab. Click on the file manager tab, and then go to the bottom where it says, add a source. A new window opens with a URL Address bar. Type in the URL web address of where your repository/library is hosted.

Install Kodi Addon from a URL / Repository

I’m going to be installing the ITV add-on for Kodi, but to do that I have to first add the XUnity Talk repository. Once I’ve added the XUnity Talks repository, I’ll be able to get the ITV add-on from their library.

A new pop-up Window should appear. There has to be a name put in this spot, if there isn’t a name, please add one; then click OK. You’ll know if everything is completed correctly because, on the right, you’ll see your new library.

Now with the new library available, let’s see what’s inside. Go back to the EBMC System tab. Click on Add-ons, and then, hit install from zip. The available libraries should open up again. Go down to the newly installed XUnity Talks repository. Now that I’ve clicked on it, you can see in the bottom right-hand corner that it is adding the repository. Shortly,  you’ll be able to check the long list of add-ons from XUnity Talk.

Now go back and hit “install from repository”, instead of “install from zip”. XUnity Talk is available as a source to install from the repository list. Click on this repository, and you’ll see a list of video add-ons. You can click on any add-on you’d like to install.

I’m going to install a video add-on. I’m going to scroll down to ITV Hub Services, click on it, and install the add-on. It’s that simple. Now let’s go back to the EBMC Home Screen. And under videos, you’ll see add-ons. After clicking add-ons, you’ll see  ITV was successfully installed and is ready to be used.

Because of how easy it is to install add-ons, what you install and watch is completely up to you.

About Android Applications

We’ve covered how to install an add-on from an SD Card, as well as from a URL. But we can still do a lot more with the EntertainmentBox. Let’s close out all of these programs, and head back to the home screen. Now, remember, EBox Media Centre is just one app from a huge library of apps already installed on your TV-Box. One of the services we highly recommend is Google Play. Google Play helps keep apps up to date and allows you download even more apps you might want. Let’s take a look at how to create a Google Play account.

Create a Goggle Play Account

If you already have a G-Mail account, Google Play is super simple to set up. Just add your G-Mail account here. If you don’t have a G-Mail account, simply sign up for one quickly and easily in this window. Creating a G-Mail account for your E-Box is a great way to reap benefits from the Google Suite of apps and services you get for free from Google. Check those out on after you sign up HERE.

Create a Goggle Play Account for your Smart TV box

You can see the basic information Google requires for a G-Mail account; your name, date of birth, and gender. Now just enter your username and password, make sure to write those down and keep them handy. Remember, your new Google E-mail, or G-Mail is your username @ You can use this username to log into Google or any of its services.

Once you accept the terms and conditions, you’ll be able to see the different options and services Google offers. You can skip past adding a payment for now.

Search the Play store and find new apps for your TV box.

This gives us access to the Google Play store. From here you can update your applications, or install brand new ones. Let’s type in the word TV into the search bar. You’ll see a huge list of TV applications ready to be downloaded. I already have the BBC I-Player installed, and Google Play is asking if I’d like to update it to its current version. I’ll click yes, and the installation of the update is done quickly and easily.

Another great search term to check out is “Kodi”. Here you can download Kodi, a set-up wizard, or any other app that will open up the possibilities of your television. There are lots of Kodi guides as well, to help you through customization of your E-Box.

Google Play is the absolute best Android app store, but it’s not the only one. Let’s take a look at the other stores we’ve got installed on the EBox.

EBox App Store

This is our own EBox Store, where you can download and install customized applications for your EBox. Each application in the E-Box Store is hand-picked by us, guaranteeing that it works perfectly with the EBox.

If we click on the Happy Chick Games Store, it will automatically download it to your EBox. It’s another store available with games we think you’ll love. Once installed, Happy Chick Games Store will be available on the main list of applications, right alongside EBMC, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.

On this main list of applications, you can see everything we have installed on our EBox, from ITV Hub, a couple of emulators, and of course our stores. Let’s click on the Happy Chick Games Store now that’s downloaded. Here you can see all of the different apps we can download from this store.

Applications are the heart of the EBox system and creating a unique experience on your television. There is literally an Android app for any task or entertainment need you can think of.

Other great Applications for your EBox TV box

Another great app is Plex. It is another media center application like EBMC and Kodi. But with Plex, you can set up your content off-site, like on your computer, and stream it directly through the Plex app on your EBox.

The giant in the streaming industry is Netflix, and of course, the E-Box has Netflix ready to go. So you can watch all the movies Netflix has to offer, right through the E-Box.

Keep safe on your Smart TV box use IPVanish VPN

We take privacy seriously, and one app to make sure you stay secure while using the E-Box is IP Vanish. IP Vanish is an application that will hide your IP Address, keeping you safe while you surf the web. Any onlookers, including your internet provider, will not be able to see what you’re watching or downloading.  IP Vanish also unlocks any content that is geographically restricted, bringing freedom of content to you.

IP Vanish requires an account and is a subscription based service. While you don’t necessarily need it, the security you’ll feel with it is priceless. Check out the latest deals we offer on IP Vanish.

Using your built-in web browser to install applications

The EBox also has the ability to install applications from your built-in web browser. At the top of the applications page is an icon that says Browser. Clicking Browser opens up a Google Internet Browser Page where you can download anything you want, directly to the E-Box.

Let’s do a few Google searches now. The Browser includes a pop-up keyboard, but if you have a programmable remote, you can use that as well. Let’s type in “Best Android TV Apps for Movies”. Immediately an entire list of apps that can be used on your E-Box is shown.

One of those apps is the YouTube Android application, let’s install it. From our search, we can scroll down to the YouTube add-on for Android. Clicking on the link brings us to the install page. Depending on the app, the install page might be inside the Google Play store, or it will take you directly to the download file. In this case, you can just click the Install button, and YouTube starts installing right away.

Remember, what you install on your EBox is completely up to you. As you can see from our Google Search, there are countless options to when it comes to deciding what’s on your Entertainment Box.

Download Android Apps

Let’s take a look at how to install an app through a Google Search which you have to download first, before installing. We’re going to visit our site. The links you see are all the apps we recommend for any Smart TV Box owner to download and utilize.

These links include direct download files, for example, this is Spotify for Android as a direct download file link. Clicking on the link start the download process, and you can see the progress in the bottom right-hand corner. While that downloads, let’s head back and click on the TV Player Android App. As Spotify downloads quietly in the background, let’s also start the download for this app.

Once the files are downloaded, they’re saved in the downloads folder. You can locate the files by using one of two file browsers, or the APK installer,  you’ll find these on the applications page. Let’s go over the file browser method first.

APK Installer, File Manger

We click on the file manager HD application. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see your downloads folder. Opening that folder shows you the two apps we just downloaded from Google. Simply click on the icons, and installation will begin.

Another application to search for your downloads is simply called File Browser. Opening File Browser takes you to the local disk icon, where you can open it and again see the downloads folder.

The APK Installer is the other method of installing downloaded applications from your downloads folder. You simply click the APK Installer, and it will search your local hard drive, as well a SD Card, or any external drive, for an application waiting to be installed.

Clicking on an application will bring up a prompt asking us if we’d like to install the app. Agree by clicking “Yes I would like to install the application”, and installation will begin right away. Let’s start the install now.

Once finished, we go back to the home screen where we can see all of our apps. You can see Spotify, which we downloaded from Google, and installed through the APK installer, is ready for you to listen to endlessly on your television.

How to uninstall Android Applications

The Entertainment Box allows you full control over the content on your television. Certain apps make your cut, and others you just have to get rid of. Let’s go over how to uninstall an app from your E-Box.

Click on settings, then click on the icon that says apps. This will open a window showing each application that you have downloaded. If you click on an app, a menu will appear which has the option to uninstall. Clicking on uninstall will bring up a prompt asking for your confirmation. Once you hit the OK button, Happy Chick Games Store disappears from your EBox.

Aptoide app store for Android

Aptoide is another app store which you can use to install applications. Let’s hit the skip button for the registration part for now. As you can see, another long list of apps waiting for you to download them. Aptoide is almost as popular as Google Play, which makes it a great way to get even more content.

The Entertainment Box is what you make it. Finally a way to take complete control of your entertainment. Unlimited content streaming at your fingertips, displayed beautifully in your living room on the largest screen in the house. The EBox is revolutionizing media, get yours today 

Entertainment Box

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If your looking for a new Android powered Kodi TV box then you have come to the right place. EntertainmentBox makes it simple for you to harness the power your new EBox TV box will bring into your home.

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