To Download Kodi 16.1, 17.1, 17.2 and Kodi 17.3 Krypton builds, Downloads

Download latest Kodi app for All platforms Kodi 17.6, Kodi 17.5, 16.1, Downloads

Download latest Kodi app for All platforms Kodi 17.6 Kodi 17.5 or 16.1 Downloads

Download latest Kodi app for All platforms Kodi 17.5 Kodi 16.1 Downloads

Download latest Kodi 17.6 Krypton builds for all platforms Downloads: Download latest Kodi apps here, You can download latest Kodi app for every single platform an more. Popular Krypton and Jarvis downloads include the latest Kodi 17.5.1 Krypton and older build like: Kodi 16.1, Kodi 16.2, Kodi 17.1 Kodi 17.2, Kodi 17.3, Kodi 17.4. And if you are feeling experimental then why not try one of the latest nightly Kodi 18.0 Leia builds. Download the latest Kodi for Android that will work on an M8 Box, MXQ Box, or any other TV box.Unblock websites, Unlock your Smart TV Box, Unlock kodi add-ons, Jailbreak AndroidThis page is designed to have all builds of Kodi, SPMC, XBMC all in one place when new builds are released we will update the download links. Download and install Kodi app for Android, Kodi for TV boxes on Android, download and install Kodi app for Windows, download and install Kodi app for Apple Mac. NEW Download Kodi Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick!” we even have guides and downloads for Kodi on your iPhone or Kodi on your iPad.Supporting an almost endless range of remote controls, and combined with its beautiful interface and powerful skinning engine, XBMC & KODI feels very natural to use from the couch and is the ideal solution for your home theatre. We have searched the internet to bring you all types Builds of XBMC from Kodi to SPMC for you to play with and install.KODI formerly known as XBMC is an award-winning free media player and entertainment hub for digital media. XBMC & KODI is available for Android, Linux, OSX, and Windows.

Kodi app installation guides

 More than 50 software developers have contributed to XBMC & KODI, and 100-plus translators have worked to expand its reach, making it available in more than 30 languages While XBMC & KODI functions very well as a standard media player application for your computer, it has been designed to be the perfect companion for your HTPC.

Latest EBMC Download for Android, EBox 

EBox MC for Android

Download Kodi 18 test builds

Kodi app Download library, all versions for any device

Kodi app Download for Windows 

To install Kodi on Windows PC you will need to be running on at least Windows Vista, although Windows 7, 8, 9 or Windows 10 is recommended for hardware video decoding. Download the latest Kodi from below, then follow the easy step by step guide on how to install Kodi it if you don’t know how. If you do know how to install it then you can download the latest Kodi build for your Windows PC. Available Builds Kodi v17.1 Krypton, Kodi v16.1 Jarvis, Kodi v15.2 Isengard, Kodi v14.2 Helix, XBMC 13.2 Gotham.

Download Kodi/XBMC for Windows PC Windows 7,8,10 

Kodi app Download for Mac OS X

Kodi for Mac OSX is a full port of the complete Kodi application to Apple Mac OSX operating system, this Mac OSX port is for Apple Mac computers. You can download and install Kodi for your Apple Mac OS X  We have a Download link to the latest stable build. Available Builds Kodi v17.1 Krypton, Kodi v16.1 Jarvis, Kodi v15.2 Isengard, Kodi v14.2 Helix, XBMC v13.2 Gotham.

Download Kodi/XBMC for Mac OSX 

Download Kodi app for Android TV box

Kodi for Android is a full port of the complete Kodi application to Google’s Android operating system, this Android port is for set-top-boxes. You can download and install Kodi for your T8, M8, MX2, MXQ, and any other Android based TV boxes. We have a good collection from the latest stable build to fork builds like SPMC. Available Builds Kodi v17.1 Krypton, Kodi v16.1 Jarvis (Latest stable build), Kodi v15.2 Isengard, Kodi v14.2 Helix, XBMC v13.2 Gotham.

Download latest Kodi/XBMC Android TV box

Download latest Kodi for Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick

By sideloading apps like Kodi into your FireTV, you can circumvent the limitation imposed by Amazon’s App Store. The Amazon Fire TV and the Fire Stick offer an array of content to choose from, but you can sideload Android apps to the Fire TV or Fire Stick to give owners even more options. When it comes to Android devices most users install apps from certain sources like the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store, or Amazon’s store on these Fire TV devices. This ensures security while delivering apps that meet a certain demand for quality assurance. However, if you want to download and install the Kodi, games, and other apps, you can do so with ease.

Download latest Kodi app for Android Tablets

Kodi for Android tablets is a full port of the complete application to Google’s Android operating system, this Android port is for most Tablets. You can download and install Kodi for your tablet or other x86 Android-based devices, we have the latest stable build for your tablet. Available Builds Kodi v17.1 Krypton, Kodi 16.1 Jarvis, Kodi 15.2 Isengard, Kodi 14.2 Helix, XBMC 13.2 Gotham.

Download latest Kodi app Android Tablets

Download latest Kodi app for Apple IOS/Apple tvOS 

This is where to download the latest Kodi for your iPhone / iPad, Apple TV 4.  For those who are not aware that Kodi can be installed through the iOS App Signer, and the process is really easy. With the availability of Apple’s new sideloading feature, We also have a page full of info dedicated to Apple devices.  Kodi can be installed on an Apple TV 4 or iPhone/iPad.

Direct Download latest Kodi for iPhone/iPad 

Direct Download latest Kodi Apple TV 4 tvOS Kodi app 

Download links for EBMC (EBox MC) for Apple And Android 

We have now released EBox MC for all Apple Devices. EBox MC is based on Kodi and will work in the same way as Kodi but will have our EntertainmentBox twist. EBox MC has been getting installed on all EBox Android-based devices for some time and has proven to be a big hit. Now you can also install EBox MC on your Apple device.

EBox MC for Apple TV 4 latest versions

EBox MC for Apple iPhones and Apple iPads versions

Click this link to download EBox MC (based on Kodi 17.3)

EBox MC for Android

Download latest SPMC for Android

SPMC is an unofficial fork of Kodi for Android created by Team Kodi developer Koying. While technically unofficial, it contains various “experimental” fixes and settings that can sometimes help users when the normal Kodi for Android doesn’t work on their specific hardware. SPMC has a different app ID from Kodi, so both can be installed side by side at the same time.

Direct download links for SPMC Android

Download latest Kodi app All platforms Kodi 17.4, 16.1 Downloads*Kodi and is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. We are not connected to or in any other way affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation. Furthermore, any software, add-ons, or products offered by us will receive no support in official Kodi channels, including the Kodi forums and various social networks.


Available on many different platforms including Windows, Android, Amazon, iPhone, iPad, Apple Tv 4


It can take a while to learn how to use it.

Kodi app
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  1. Tony Green

    hi to every body out can any body help me please I have got a giga tv android hd620 t
    it got three usb ports two hdmi pots one mini usb port dvbt built in wifi
    but what it dos not have is upgrade of android it seems to be stuck with android 4.0 and I can not seem to get it any higher
    so can not run latest kodi
    also have tried isgard javis helix just keeps locking up can any body recommend what kodi version I can get running on tis piece of junk
    thanks for reading feel a bit better now
    ps can some body look into it please

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello mr Green, it sounds like you need to upgrade your device to a newer model that can be put on the latest softwares like lollipop/marshmallow. Take a look at our range of devices! CLICK HERE

      Thank you.

  2. road3682

    Kodi 17.0 on my apple tv 4 is not working- any way to get the IPA for Jarvis 16.0 or 16.1?


  3. Lucky

    Hello, can i install kodi on my blue ray player sony bdp-s5500? Thanx

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello lucky, from doing some research it doesn’t seem to be possible because it uses its own operating system which is not compatible with third party apps such as Kodi.

      Thank you.

  4. Lance

    Can I down load Lodi onto my fire TVs stick thanks

  5. Entertainment Box

    Hello Sheik, updating apps can help maintain their performance but try to get in contact with the app developers for more advice on their software.

    Thank you.

  6. Brizino

    Need Kodi for my Samsung smart TV… please help

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, it doesn’t seem like that is possible at the moment from my research but good luck trying.

      Thank you.

  7. krystel

    Hi, I have a ciphertv IPTV box, I don’t know which is compatible for my IPTV. Can you help me please. Thank you

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hi, ciphertv appears to be an addon so if kodi is already installed you should research on google using the topic : best for kodi and you will find a really useful website.

      Thank you.

  8. Perry Buote

    when ever I try and get the download my internet keeps saying SSL handshake problem and goes to error 404 page not found ?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Perry, that page is working fine so what link are you referring to?

      Thank you.

  9. mirobilly

    Can I use Skype with webcam like on PC in your T8-QML-V3S tv box….Thqnk you….

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Mirobilly, Skype will work on the T8-AML-V3s so connect your webcam and have fun!

      Thank you.

  10. kam

    Do I have to delete data from the old kodi on android tv box before I download the latest kodi version?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, yes it is best to delete all the data from Kodi before downloading and installing any new builds.

      Thank you.

  11. john

    Ji there.
    I have kartina micro hd iptv box. id like to install different firmware to run free iptv. is any of your software good for it. if not do you know where i can get some.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Colin, we do not have suitable firmware for your device unfortunately. Good luck with finding that firmware though.

      Thank you.

  12. Terra

    Is it possible to download Kodi onto a laptop using windows server 2012?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Terra, I did some research on this and yes you can install Kodi on windows server 2012.

      Thank you.

  13. Jamie

    So is it possible to download kodi 16 onto a mx box and get it to work??

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Jamie, yes it is possible to download Kodi 16 to the MX but if you have issues making it work, revert back to Kodi 15 and you should be fine.


  14. peter ford

    hi what is the best tv box to get thanx pete

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Peter, the best box we currently sell is the T8-AML-V3s. CLICK HERE for more info…

  15. peter ford

    hi what is the best tv box to get thanx pete

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Mr Ford, The T8 AML V3S is the best android device that we sell. CLICK HERE for more info…


  16. Sammy

    I have old gbox midnight I cleared the data to install new kodi 16 but now it won’t work it just shows black screen after start up I have rebooted box with kodi on sd card but still nothing ,any help would be appreciated cheers

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Sammy, I suggest downgrading to Kodi 15 instead as you are using an older device. hopefully that helps,


  17. N V Us

    Hello, I have an iMac and I’m trying to install Kodi on my FireStick. Every time I click on “Install APK” the Kodi file is not available in my apps (its there but not working). Im not sure if I downloaded the correct version. Which now should I use???

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, here is the page for the android version of Kodi. You may need to clear the data in the Kodi app then reopen or you can uninstall the app then re-install.


  18. Ron

    Just done fresh start on my mbmc box now Kodi won’t run ?
    Starts up with kodi screen then freezes ,I have power down to get start screen
    Up for apps etc.


    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Sorry we do not stock that device, you could try an older version of Kodi.

  19. Robert Young

    how can i get Kodi 15.1 w/ Beast from Fire TV on to Amazon Tablet HD 8 … the file is there but its is in folders. Please help its for my Dad, and I told him this would be better than cablevision or verizon.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, you should be able to download Kodi directly to your amazon tablet via the internet browser.


  20. D Nicholls

    I have a XBMC Android box MX2 IPTV,could you please tell me where I can download the latest firmware for this,as it has slowed down.
    Thank you

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, we have firmware for the MX2 android box HERE. Hopefully this helped,


  21. david jones

    Hi i have a RK3188 smart android box ive only just got around to updateing it what do i need to do to update the box.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, please click HERE for a range of info on Kodi, the addons and what you can do with it.

  22. Gopan Middleton-Patel

    Hello could you please point me to where I can get a kodi build for my amazon fire stick?

  23. Qaz

    Can you please point me in the right direction for the latest kodi files to put on usb stick to run on Boxee box. Currently running 13.0 Gotham but would like to have isenguard.


    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Boxee boxs use there own build of Kodi you can get the info here

  24. Andrew Williams

    Hi I did a factory reset on the M8 box and now I can’t get Wookie back can you please help me .

  25. Edgardo Moreira

    hi I’m having problem with my m8 , i reset it to factory and try to install mobdro . i get a error script.
    can you tell me wish update should i install. thanks

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Download the latest Mobdro from the Wookie app store. the wookie app store should be in all apps.

  26. Martin Panameno

    Hi everyone wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.
    I need some help/,I’m having trouble downloading kodi in my Acer if you can help me it would be well appreciated, thanks very much.

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Try to download a kodi for windows. there is a guide HERE

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