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What's the best kodi for Android

What is the best version of Kodi for Android™?

We always get asked what's the best version of Kodi for Android, so in this post, we will look at what is the best Media centre for your Smart TV box or Phone. If you want to know what Kodi is checking out our “Kodi Setup Guideit will explain more about Kodi is and how it works. Kodi formally known as XBMC has many different builds/versions it can become confusing knowing what is the best for your device and what will give you the best performance.

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The best version of Kodi for Android is EBox MC (EBMC)

I know you're thinking it should be Kodi 16.1 right? Well sorry to break the bad news but Kodi has been very slow to develop the Android side of its software, this is mainly due to Pirate Box seller's fully loading Android boxes then selling them on sites like eBay and Amazon. Also the main Android developer (koying) Kodi had working on the team left due to in-house fighting. The good news is Koying has now developed his own version of Kodi called SPMC, this solely is a dedicated to Android. In this post, we will show you how to upgrade Kodi /EBMC. SPMC has many features and bug fixes for Android than the official Kodi 16.1 build is offering. Due to the lack of support for Android, we are now going to build EBox MC from SPMC, not Kodi. Therefore, EBox MC based on SPMC 16.6.0 is by far the best version of Kodi for Android.

What's the difference between XBMC, Kodi, SPMC, EBox MC

The main difference is the name, “all these media centres work in exactly the same way” you can add 3rd party add-ons allowing you to access content through the internet. They will also allow you to play any media file you have on a local drive. The other main difference is they have different fixes. Kodi will always be the best version if you're installing it on Windows or other supported devices. But as I pointed out earlier Kodi is not too keen on supporting Android, so you are better off using our EBox MC as it will perform better on your Android device.

What is the best box for XBMC / Kodi?

The best android box for XBMC/ Kodi can be anyone of our TV boxes. All our TV boxes have been tested to run perfectly. If you are looking for the best XBMC box please visit our shop. XBMC boxes stream content through the internet. A streaming box or a streaming kodi box as its now known. Are becoming increasingly popular with people as you can get one for as little as £45.

Read More: “Download all versions of Kodi/EBMC

Method 1: Update Kodi / EBMC the easy way!

  • Open apps
  • Click EBox store
  • Select the version of Kodi / EBMC you want to update
  • Done! the new version of Kodi / EBMC is installed and ready to use.

Method 2: Upgrade Kodi / EBMC

It's very easy if you have one of our smart TV boxes that support our OTA (over the air updates) then you are in luck. If you open your EBox OTA app you will see an update waiting for you, click wipe cache and data then your Smart TV box will update automatically. If you’re only updating your EBox MC from 16.4.1 to 16.4.2 please use the direct download link in method 4.

  • Open apps
  • Locate and click the OTA
  • When prompted click both wipe data and wipe cache.
  • The box will now update and you will be running the latest version of kodi
  • Complete!

Method 3: Update Kodi / EBMC

The EBox app for Android, this app will have a direct download link to the latest EBox MC, and also the latest official version Kodi. All you need to do is open the app click on EBox MC link then check your downloads folder, click the EBox MC app to install. The EBox app is a great way for you to easily keep your version of EBox MC or Kodi on the latest Version.

  • Open the EBox app
  • Click the Kodi or EBMC icon depending on what you want to update.
  • The app will now download the latest version of Kodi / EBMC
  • Open file manager then click downloads
  • Click the Kodi / EBMC app to upgrade
  • Finished you are now running the latest Kodi /EBMC


EBox MC 16.7 Direct download

You can directly download the latest EBox MC with the link below, at the time of writing the current build is 16.7. If this changes you can always use the links below or use your EBox App. If you're updating an Android TV box, click the link below to start the download. Wait until EBox MC has fully download then open your file browser app. locate your Downloads folder and click the EBMC app to install.

  1. Click to download latest EBox MC 16.7 (SPMC) for Android  
  2. Click to download latest EBox MC 17.6 (Kodi)

Older EBox MC Versions 

  1. EBox MC 17.5.1(based on Kodi)
  2. NEW EBox MC 17.4 (based on Kodi 17.4)
  3. EBox MC 17.2 (based on Kodi 17.2)
  4. EBox MC 16.6.0 (based on SPMC)
  5. EBox MC 16.5.5 (based on SPMC)
  6. Old, EBox MC 16.4.2 (based on SPMC)
  7. EBox MC 16.4.1 (based on SPMC)
  8. EBox MC 16.1 (based on Kodi 16.1)



If you want the best experience when using Kodi on Android switch to EBox MC. It's faster has better features and is developed by a very talented Kodi developer that has a passion for Android. Keep up the good work Koying.


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