ZUK – Will be the end of the mark with the closure of the forums and ZUK.com

ZUK - Will be the end of the mark with the closure of the forums and ZUK.com
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The past few months have featured several opposing rumors about ZUK's fate. Lenovo's sub-brand was about to close until some rumors arose about the upscale smartphone, the expected Z3 that would continue the brand. Now, we can not even enter the site ZUK.com.

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Today, although Lenovo has not officially commented on such a situation, its actions seem to indicate that ZUK will indeed close. Your sub-brand has now lost its official forums, as well as ZUK.com. Since early 2017, the behavior of the parent seems to indicate the imminent demise of ZUK.

ZUK.com and brand forums are already closed

We now have knowledge thanks to the blog gizmochina ZUK.com is no longer available. Something that happens. In addition, the brand's official forums will also have been closed, putting an end to the main user community meeting place. The forum now redirects you to club.lenovo.com.cn where we have general information about Lenovo.

Adding this to the fact that this year we had no brand new smartphones, and the long-awaited Z3 was a rumored line-up, with no credible information to back it up, we are faced with the sad fact that ZUK is about to be closed definitively.

End of line for ZUK

Recently the new Motorola Moto Z2 Play has also been introduced to the Chinese market where it will adapt the brand's UI. This will be Motorola's entry passport to China, so Lenovo will no longer need this sub-brand.

Against this background I believe that the end of this brand created in 2015 has become evident. Their equipment has gathered a good number of fans, especially in Brazil. It stays in memory the smartphone Z2, will miss you.

Lenovo has proven to be able to change or even reverse its strategies when they are not coming to fruition. Now that Motorola has virtually complete independence, the second sub-brand will have become irrelevant.

Given the need to put their efforts, time and capital to good use, it's no wonder Lenovo has taken precedence over Motorola, a brand that virtually dominates the smartphone market in Brazil.

It's time to say goodbye, always ZUK.

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