Zoom again offers unlimited video calls at Christmas and New Year

Zoom free Christmas New Year

During these pandemic times, video calling platforms were some of the companies that managed to take great advantage of the “new normal”. With millions of people working from home and quarantined, the use of video calls has increased to values ​​never seen before.

Zoom was probably the platform that grew the most, gaining millions of users overnight, and it was also the platform of choice for thousands of companies and government entities. In order to “thank” users for their preference, Zoom will once again lift free account restrictions during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Zoom free Christmas New Year

Free accounts on Zoom are usually limited to 40-minute calls, but that will not happen during the upcoming celebrations.

Dates when Zoom will offer unlimited video calls:

  • Between the 17th and 19th of December
  • Between the 23rd and 26th of December
  • Between December 30th and January 2nd (2021)

Zoom rivals “force” you to offer video calls to users

Zoom was the application that grew the most since the beginning of the pandemic, standing out completely from its competition. However, over the months, the remaining video calling platforms have been gaining ground, also showing growth with levels never seen before.

One of the services that rivals Zoom is Google Meet, which decided to offer unlimited video calls to all users until March 2021. With this type of actions being practiced by other platforms, Zoom ended up leaning against the wall.

If he decided to continue without offering unlimited calls to all his users, there was a risk that many of them would turn to their rivals during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, eventually continuing to use them.

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