Youtube Rewind 2019 is here! This time played safe!

Youtube Rewind 2019 is here! This time played safe!

Youtube has released the annual video that makes us look at the past year nostalgically. After last year's scandal, where Youtube managed to release a video that turned out to be the most disliked on its platform, this year made things simple.

The video shows the most liked videos on the platform. It also highlights Youtubers who have achieved important milestones in smaller countries.

This is Youtube Rewind 2019

You can read at the very beginning of the video "In 2018 we made a video you didn't like. So in 2019 we'll see what you liked. Because you are better than us in these choices"

The video starts with the most liked videos on the platform. Then he jumps to the music and videos that made the most impact in 2019. There is also talk of the most featured games and the "beauty" videos.

This is a "safe" video to make

This year Youtube did not invent. He didn't start making cringe scripts or Youtubers pretending to be good actors. Youtube just showed the videos that had the most impact in 2019 and came to make a good video.

Remember the 2018 Rewind

Since we are here, let's remember the video that was so controversial. The video tries to be a quality production, but it is far from it. Users have not forgiven. Right now, with 17 million "dislikes" this is the most hated Youtube video.

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