YouTube on your iPhone just got a new feature that you’ll like

YouTube iOS 14 on iPhone

If you have an iPhone with iOS 14 you will be happy to know that YouTube already allows picture-in-picture. Something that until recently Google had blocked.

Picture-in-picture allows you to watch a video in the corner of your smartphone while interacting with another application. That is, you do not need to have the application or browser on YouTube open.

Not yet working on the YouTube app (for Premium only)

YouTube iOS 14 on iPhone

Unfortunately the functionality is only available in the browser. That is, to watch the video as a small child, you will even have to access “” via Google Chrome or Safari.

The application already has this functionality, however, it is only available for Premium users. Still, if this feature reached the browser, I see no reason for Google to bring it to all users of the App.

As you can see the YouTube video in picture-in-picture on iOS 14

To see the new feature travel in your Google Chrome or Safari browser to the YouTube website. That is, go to “”. Choose the video you want to watch and maximize the image for the entire screen.

After that, you just have to swipe upwards (or press the home button) and you will see that the video will jump to the “home” screen in the middle of the applications.

You will be able to walk the video wherever you want within the screen, increase or decrease the image and close the video through the small thumbnail.

We still don’t know if this feature will continue for a long time. Especially because it is a feature, as I mentioned, that is only available to YouTube Premium users within the application.

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