Home Gaming YouTube Kids will soon jump from smartphones to computers

YouTube Kids will soon jump from smartphones to computers

YouTube Kids will soon jump from smartphones to computers

Google has confirmed that YouTube Kids will finally reach computers, with a standalone website for the platform dedicated to the smallest. Until now, the service was only available through its mobile application and is now available to a wider audience.

Despite the great controversy surrounding YouTube Kids, the platform continues to grow, and is increasingly popular with younger users. Certainly, the controversies turned out to be positive, as they forced the company to tighten its security measures.

YouTube Kids

Now you can filter content even easier

In addition to announcing the implementation of the YouTube Kids site, the Google team has revealed that parents will now be able to filter content much simpler.

For this, 3 age segments were introduced:

  • Preshcool – for children up to 4 years
  • Younger – for children between 5 and 7 years old
  • Older – for children between 8 and 12 years old

As expected, the broader category is "Older", where music videos and gaming videos will be featured.

While the new measures are designed to effectively filter content, the ad recalls that not all videos are manually reviewed. As such, they are asking users for help with flagging and reporting any inappropriate videos.

The YouTube algorithm is constantly evolving and has already made major improvements. However, it is still far from perfect, and all help from users is crucial in order for it to evolve to a higher level.

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