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Youtube imposes new rules for creators

Youtube imposes new rules for creators

Youtube has announced some changes in the process of Upload content on your platform. Starting next year, you will need to define if all your videos are intended for children. This new rule will apply to new content and anyone already on your channel.

These changes come as a result of an agreement between YouTube and the US Federal Trade Commission regarding content targeted at the smallest. It is stressed more than once that the new rules are designed so that no one violates the laws, regardless of the country in which you are.

Youtube wants to know if your videos are for kids or not

From January, all videos you post on YouTube will need to be classified as child-friendly or not. A measure that not only applies to new videos, but also to all existing videos on the channel.

If you are the one who exclusively creates videos for the younger ones, then you can set your channel to be directed to children. Having made that decision, all your content – old or new – will be cataloged in the same way.

Please note that all content intended for children will have limitations such as removing the comment box, info cards, or personalized announcements. This means that some breeders may see their monetization drop.

How do I know if my content is intended for children?

This is one of the questions that most concerns creators. For Youtube, no one is better than you to know who your video audience is. Still, the platform leaves some clues as to whether videos are intended for children.

Some of the hypotheses are the inclusion of characters, celebrities or toys that appeal to children. We also have the case of language to be understood by children or activities that appeal to children.

If you do not classify your videos as being child-friendly when you should, Youtube reserves the right to categorize your videos as such. This can happen in cases of doubt, but if the platform concludes that it is being used maliciously, there will be consequences.

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