1. Daniel Mitchell

    having trouble with apple tv unit that i purchased from you stuck on finding time and date how can i rectify please

    1. James Post author

      If you click the OK button it should skip the time and date settings. Or you could use a Ethernet cable to get past that stage.

  2. Michael

    Hey I have m8 box ive done a full reset but stiil getting same problem when I click on anything megabox Kodi etc it resets it self after a few seconds like its turned it self off any ideas

  3. Lynne

    Hi I bought one of your t8 boxes cos I haven’t a clue on downloading things it came with everything on now nothing is coming on no movies or programs just a blue screen could somebody help I haven’t a clue

  4. Elaine Cookson

    Hi, I need to update my T8 but the xmbcwizard has disappeared could you please advise.
    thanks Elaine

  5. Stu Bailey

    I have just tried updating the Q7 Android box I bought from droid sticks, i followed the instructions and deleated everything then downloaded the new kodi from wookie. The system doesn`t work very well now programs don`t load up and when they do the picture is small and in the top right of the screen. could you please assist me and instruct me on the best way to update my Q7 box.
    thank you

    1. James Post author

      You can find all the details for updating the Firmware on your Q7 HERE. If your talking about add-ons we cannot help with 3rd party software.

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