YouTube continues to improve its application

The latest changes that YouTube is introducing to its mobile applications are improving the experience. The problem or controversy with its algorithm will remain in force, but at least being able to decide which channels we want to watch or which ones we want to receive recommendations from is something that is appreciated. The last one, for now only available in the iOS application is focused on that, to make it easier for you to see.

If you are an intensive user of YouTube, you will know that if you subscribe to a significant number of channels, it is easy to get lost and, or you go one by one, seeing if they have published something or you trust that all notifications will arrive well. Well now, to facilitate the checking of new content and other aspects, YouTube incorporates new filters to its main tab.

From this view you will be able to establish which videos of your Subscription Feed or that you have been watching will show you. These are the ones that you will be able to find if you use iPhone or iPad:

  • All (All), shows a list with all the videos of all the channels to which you are subscribed. It will be or will continue to be the default option and what you will see when you start the application and go to that section.
  • Today (Today), it will only show the videos published the last 24 hours.
  • Continue watching (Continue watching) shows only the videos you have started watching and you have not finished. This is great to continue with those who for some reason you had to interrupt.
  • Unwatched (Not seen) that as you can imagine are the ones that have still seen us from your subscriptions.
  • Live (Direct), I group live streaming videos and YouTube releases.
  • Posts (Publications) allows you to group the publications that the different channels to which you subscribe share in the community tab. Here you will not see any links to videos.

As you can see, the dynamics of this tab and the use of filters is not complex. Moreover, it is very simple and can be very useful to locate those contents that interest you at all times or avoid missing those of those channels that you like.

Logically it requires that you adapt and keep in mind that the option is there. If you are one of those who go directly to the trends tab of little or nothing it will be useful, but for the rest, for those who try to maintain a subscription feed quite select and controlled is good news. Now we just need to see how long it will take to reach the Android version of the application.

And for the creators, if this novelty affects the visualizations. According to YouTube, these filters seem to encourage users and help the videos, those that on other occasions were buried between so much content, gain visibility and therefore views.