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YouTube for Android tests design changes in autoplays

YouTube for Android tests design changes in autoplays

YouTube has the uncanny ability to keep users pinned to screens for hours, especially since they implemented automatic video playback. This feature has been implemented with the lists automatically created by the platform, presented in the "next" section.

It now appears that Google is testing new design changes for this section of the YouTube Android app. In particular, the news comes on the transition screen between videos, where users will have a much simpler and more straightforward interface.

YouTube interface

YouTube makes your interface as simple as possible

Until now, the 'between videos' screen showed in the upper left corner which video will play next. In the middle was the 'play' button where a circular bar counted down until the video started automatically. Underneath, you could also find the cancel button, and on the left an icon that allowed you to play the same video again.

This test now features a much more straightforward and simplified interface, although it may seem less visually appealing. In the upper left corner you have the countdown, while in the center is a large thumbnail of the next video, as well as its title and channel name.

Underneath the video image and description, you have two large buttons – "cancel" and "play" – with different shades. This way you can easily perform the desired action smoothly and quickly. In addition, a cross will also be available in the upper right corner, allowing you to cancel automatic playback of the video.

When can this new interface become available?

Apparently, this new interface is still in a very restricted testing phase and is only available to a small number of users.

We do not know yet when it will be made available to all users, or even if it will be made available globally. Certainly Google will continue to conduct tests, increasing the number of users covered. Depending on the feedback you receive, you will then decide whether to cancel or advance with the interface.

However, it is quite clear that this new design will greatly facilitate interaction with YouTube's autoplay tool. So I see no reason why this design should not go forward.

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