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YouTube doesn’t like iOS 14. This is proof of that!

YouTube doesn’t like iOS 14. This is proof of that!

If you have an iPhone, you have certainly received the new iOS 14. One of the great advantages of this new operating system, in addition to the possibility of adding widgets, is being able to watch videos in the background. That is, picture-in-picture.

For example, you can watch a video on safari and minimize the window to continue using another application. Meanwhile, the video continues to play in the corner of the smartphone screen.

YouTube does not like the new functionality of iOS 14

However, YouTube does not like this new feature very much. This is because the application does not allow Picture-in-picture. Even if you are watching the video through Safari.

Since only YouTube Premium allows users to have picture-in-picture, Google has found a way to block the functionality.

According to the information, it seems that you have a Premium subscription for YouTube, you have no problem with having the picture-in-picture, however, all users with a free account will not be able to do so.

This is an understandable but questionable move. This is because, it is understood that Google cuts functionality of your application, however, it has no logic to override the functionality of Safari on iOS 14.

Is it a bug or feature?


We can also assume that this problem is a bug in iOS 14 or the YouTube website. However, it is still a little strange to block the functionality that is only available to Premium users.

In short, we will have to wait and see. For now, you can picture-in-picture a video on any website within Safari without any problems.

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