YouTube begins to feature giant advertising on Smart TVs!

YouTube begins to feature giant advertising on Smart TVs!

Google continues to have its largest advertising network as its largest source of revenue, so it continues to develop new ways to maximize its revenue. The latest news in YouTube advertising will surely frustrate many users.

It has been announced that the new YouTube Masthead ads are already active in YouTube TV apps as well. These advertisements are present on the main page and occupy almost half of the screen. In addition, they play automatically, and maximize within seconds if the user does not perform any action.

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Televisions are the fastest growing devices featured on YouTube

According to information revealed by Google on its official blog, televisions are the fastest growing segment in terms of YouTube usage. Today, over 250 million hours / day are accounted for on television alone.

On the one hand, users may not welcome this implementation. On the other hand, companies investing in Google's advertising platform have an excellent opportunity here. This type of ad enables far above average visibility, especially because on YouTube for TVs, the conversion rate is quite high.

New ad format is not unique to Smart TVs

Still in the same publication, Google recalls that this ad format is also present in both the desktop and mobile versions of YouTube. However, it seems that they will be considerably more intrusive on Smart TVs, thanks to the screen size and easier navigation within the application.

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