Home Automobiles Youtube and Netflix will soon hit Tesla cars

Youtube and Netflix will soon hit Tesla cars

Youtube and Netflix will soon hit Tesla cars

The guarantee was left by Tesla CEO – Elon Musk. The manufacturer's cars will soon offer the ability to watch Youtube or Netflix when the car is stationary.

Musk did not elaborate on functionality but guaranteed it would be an “immersive and cinematic” experience. This is because the user will be sitting on “comfortable benches with sorround sound”.

Consuming video while the car is in motion was another topic covered in Musk's Twitter series. Tesla CEO admitted that when full autonomous driving is approved by regulators, video while driving will also be activated.

When full self-driving is approved by regulators, we will enable video while moving

– e ^ ?? (@elonmusk) July 27, 2019

Watching a show while your Tesla charges will be a reality

The goal is that in the future you may see a new episode of Dark or Stranger Things as your car drives by you. For now, this will be an ideal feature when you wait for your car to load.

The truth is that anyone who has a more modest Tesla model like Model 3 will benefit greatly from streaming functionality. Although Model S and Model X have larger screens, they have a vertical orientation.

Already the input model – Model 3 – has a screen wide, which makes it more conducive to video consumption. But whatever Tesla is, functionality is more than welcome anytime.

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