YouTube, a business of 15 billion dollars a year

YouTube, a business of 15 billion dollars a year

A business of billions a year

Google has revealed for the first time in its almost 15 years of life how much money does YouTube generate. On the occasion of the financial results of the last three months, Sundar Pichai has revealed how much money his video platform generated during the last year: 15,000 million dollars.

When Google bought YouTube in 2006, the company paid $ 1.650 million. An amount that at that time was a real madness. Of course, if they did it, it was because they saw the potential. Something similar to what FaceBook itself did years later in a similar case when buying WhatsApp. But let’s go back to the online video service.

From that 2006 to this current 2020, YouTube had never made it clear how much money the ads in its videos generated. That mystery disappears and we already know that there are many millions that enter. Moreover, in the last three years it has only grown. In 2017, 8,150 million were entered, in 2018 11,155 million and in 2019 the 15,149 already mentioned. Even so, that high figure for the last year is even more shocking if you consider that it generates almost $ 29,000 of earnings per minute.

Despite this, YouTube only provides the 10% of Google’s total revenue. Although compared to other technology, it is almost a fifth of what Facebook enters and six times more than Twitch does. Therefore, it is an important business and seems to enjoy very good health despite the tough competition and the movements that are taking place in the subject of online video.

The contrast between YouTube and Alphabet

Why did Google give YouTube data when it had never done so? Well, as they point out in some media, the reason could be Alphabet’s revenue drop compared to what had been estimated.

Therefore, to calm down investors who might not be very happy with the overall results, Google would have provided this data with the intention of demonstrating that the future does not only depend on a single pillar and that both the video and the services in The cloud will play a fundamental role in the coming months. Although those who are not investors will not care, and all they will think about is how profitable YouTube is being.


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