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You’re going to want (a lot) these Reebok x Ghostbusters sneakers

Reebok x Ghostbusters, the shoes of the moment

collaboration between shoe brands and franchises is nothing new. We have seen many over the years, some tremendously mythical (such as the famous Nike by Return to the future), and all end up convincing and pleasing. Why? Well, because either they evoke past moments in which we were very fans of a movie or series or they help us show off with pride how much we like some fiction nowadays.

Reebok knows well, therefore, that launching a shoe of this type is a guarantee of sure success, even more so if your bet has to do with one of the most mythical and special tapes of the 80s: the Ghostbusters. This is how this pair was born, baptized as Ghost Smashers, with a worn design with two velcro straps and the Ghostbusters logo on the tongue. The most striking thing, however, is found in the back, where a kind of small bottle or Pump green that joins the front area with tubes and “cables” and pays tribute to the positron collider that the protagonists wore as a backpack.

ghostbusters x reebok

Even the box the shoes come in is personalized and specially designed for the occasion, with the logo of the franchise, making it something you even want to keep if you get hold of them.

ghostbusters x reebok

A very original proposal that is part of a reebok complete series In which there is no lack of other more discreet and “traditional” shoes, the Classic Leather; and even a brown jumpsuit that is also reminiscent of the Ghostbusters outfit. So that you do not lack detail, go. You can also find a t-shirt (in short and long sleeve versions) with the phrase “Don’t Cross the Streams.”

Price and availability

The Reebook x Ghostbusters collection has been created with Halloween night in mind and, in fact, will not be available to buy until October 31, the day of the famous Anglo-Saxon holiday.

From that moment on, interested parties can hunt down the shoes for a cost of 149.95 euros (The Classic Leather will have a price of 89.95 euros). It’s already taking time to set an alarm.

ghostbusters x reebok* Note for the reader: the link to Amazon that you will find as part of this article is associated with our agreement with its Affiliate Program (without entailing any additional cost for you). Even so, the recommendations given in EntertainmentBox and the decision to include them is always made freely, without attending to any type of request from the mentioned brands.


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