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Your Xiaomi scooter could have a problem with the mast hook. Is it affected?

Xiaomi scooter hook breaks

Xiaomi Mi Scooter

It has been Xiaomi himself who has notified the detected error through social networks. Apparently, the scooters manufactured between September 2017 and October 2018 They have a piece of aluminum alloy that serves as a hook to tighten the clamping screw of the handlebar mast.

Mind you, this error has nothing to do with the problem they detected last June, in which they confirmed that one of the scooter’s screws could be defective. As we have indicated above, the error affects the scooters manufactured between September 2017 and October 2018, and it is summarized that the aluminum hook which is responsible for tightening the mast ends up breaking. This is a problem that the manufacturer has detected after seeing how many models have left breaking over time, and it is a serious problem, since if it were to start in full driving (with a bump or dry blow), it could cause an accident by causing the unexpected disassembly of the handlebars in the middle of the ride.

How to know if your scooter has an affected aluminum hook

The manufacturer has created a simple guide with which to quickly identify if your patient is among those affected. Basically you should take a look at the nuts and bolts that are in the area of ​​the pressure hook. If you have an Allen screw (hexagonal head) on each side, it is an affected model with an aluminum handle. However, if one of the two screws is a round head nut, then you will have no problems, since the handle is made of steel and will not break in normal conditions.


In the following images you can see the two heads of the fixing screws of a scooter with stainless steel handle (not affected by the problem):

How can I repair my scooter if it is affected?

Xiaomi has prepared a website to serve all those affected by this problem. If you believe that your scooter is one of those affected, you just have to confirm your case by entering the serial number on the Xiaomi UK repair program website. If the number entered corresponds to one of the affected units, you will only have to continue with the process and contact Xiaomi UK to solve the problem.

The manufacturer will replace the aluminum alloy hook with a new stainless steel hook to ensure the safety of your scooter. Also, for free, this pass through the pits It will be used to review the main components of your scooter, such as lights, control panel, charging port, tire pressure and Bluetooth connection.

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