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Your iPhone will get a new feature with Shazam on iOS 14

Your iPhone will get a new feature with Shazam on iOS 14

Apple bought Shazam a few years ago and so far we haven't seen a serious iPhone implementation yet. However, it looks like everything is about to change soon.

Shazam is an application for recognizing the music you are playing. Created in 1999 only in the 10's, the company started to have a serious prominence due to smartphones. This led to the purchase by Apple in 2017.

Implementation of Shazam on iOS 14 of the iPhone


In the new Beta version for developers, iOS 14.2 arrived with a relevant novelty. A Shazam button for the control center. That is, in the same place where you turn on Wi-Fi or increase the brightness of the screen.

Although it is already possible to ask Siri to identify the music that is playing or even have apps designed for it, this implementation on iOS 14 gives us a chance to root without having to make many slides or clicks.

Identify music in Apps


One of the other advantages is that the feature will be able to identify songs that are playing in an App. That is, imagine that you are watching a TikTok or even a video on YouTube and you want to know what song is playing, the process is the same.

When will the new Shazam feature arrive on your iPhone

It is not yet guaranteed that the functionality will arrive in the next updates. IOS 14 has finally reached many users officially, and the feedback has been positive.

This new functionality is present in version 14.2 for developers, so it is possible to imagine that it arrives in version 14.2 in the public version.

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