Netflix has updated its version of Chromecast to make the format a little more appealing. When you connected Netflix to your Chromecast the only information you had on the screen was the logo of the streaming company.

Well, the new update brings you a different ideology. Now in “ready for Cast” you’ll have a glimpse of the series and films featured on Netflix.

New design on Netflix for Chromecast

But the news doesn’t stop here. The new update also gives us more information when we are watching the series. Now you’ll have information about the number of episodes you’re watching and how many episodes are left to finish. That is, you will never be in doubt if the series has already ended the season or if your chromecast is having connection problems.

Netflix on Google Chromecast
New Netflix design on Google Chromecast – “AndroidPolice” rights

Finally, the “next episode” information is also a little different. Now you have a bolder font and a 30-second countdown to the next episode.

Netflix on Google Chromecast
New Netflix design on Google Chromecast – “AndroidPolice” rights

Personally I would prefer to have the count of 5 seconds as normally happens in many SmartTVs, however, it is better than having to put the episode manually.

When you can see the new design

Google Chromecast Netflix

Apparently, the new design is already being presented on some Chromecast, however, still nothing happened on my side. I continue with the annoying Netflix logo.

Therefore, the update is likely to be “via server” and reach more users in a few days. In the meantime, confirm that you have the updated Netflix app on your smartphone.

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