Home Mobile You'll love this Xiaomi 'electric screwdriver' … And its price

You'll love this Xiaomi 'electric screwdriver' … And its price

You'll love this Xiaomi 'electric screwdriver' … And its price

Xiaomi is more than just a brand that makes smartphones. Examples are your televisions, air fresheners or even toilet covers. Today the brand has put up for sale on its crowdfunding platform an electric screwdriver.

The good news is that the screwdriver has already reached 175% of its target, meaning it will come out on the market. The bad news is that we will only see it (possibly) on websites from China. Luckily. Still worth knowing the electric screwdriver Xiaomi that costs 25 €.

€ 25 for an Xiaomi electric screwdriver

Since I'm currently in home remodeling, you can't imagine how much I wanted such a gadget in my toolbox. The small electric screwdriver has a 1500 mAh battery and serves 120 times.

The price of 25 € is considerably affordable for what we see in the market. Mainly because we know that everything from Xiaomi has an above average quality.

The tool also has an ergonomic design and perfect for small spaces. One of the serious problems of electric screwdrivers for sale right now. Usually are clam Huge.

One magnet and several type of keys

Xiaomi Screwdriver

As you would expect, this screwdriver also has a magnet for the wrench to better grasp the tool and not loosen from the screw. We even have an LED so you can see perfectly where you have to press and extra power for when you no longer feel your pulse.

The extension of the screwdriver helps you get to places where it would not be possible with just the "normal" tip. The set of 8 keys that comes with the tool will mean you don't need many more for all the objects you have at home and need to be tuned.

The little gadget is expected to reach, as I said, stores in China and believe that if this happens you will be the first to know. This is because I also added it to my favorites list.

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