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You shouldn’t buy an Apple TV (for now)

The current Apple TV

Apple tvApple’s set top box is a very good device, of that practically no user has doubts. And if you own other products of the company even more so, because you have integration with their services, AirPlay, access to Apple Arcade, HomeKit, etc. Still, being good and interesting for all of that doesn’t mean it’s worth it. At least at this very moment.

Why? Apple TV is at a disadvantage compared to other devices that even has a lower price. And, for example, with the latest YouTube update, the device has gained the option of playing content at 4K resolution, but at a maximum of 30 fps and without support for HDR images.

Taking into account that nowadays it is already common to have 4K resolution televisions this is great news, but not having HDR support is a nuisance that only those who are already used to playing high dynamic range content will understand. And it is that the visual experience is much more satisfactory thanks to HDR and not to the total number of pixels.

Therefore, although it may be only temporary, the truth is that not including HDR support is very penalizing. Especially since other devices like a Chromecast can play 4K HDR video and it costs much less. Although we will not go into the price debate, because Apple TV offers other advantages that could be enough to justify the price in your case.

New Apple TV in sight

Apple TV game controller how to connect them

At this point, although having the entire ecosystem of Apple products may be interesting for you, at the moment the current Apple TV is one of the least attractive devices you can buy.

Its benefits are good, but in relation to its price there are much more attractive proposals. Although the main reason or reasons for not getting one is that there seems to be new Apple TV in sight.

Yes, as you have read, there would not only be a renewal of the current Apple TV 4K, also a somewhat more affordable variant that would fit perfectly into the current strategy of launching a product A and its “SE version”.

The new higher-end Apple TV could opt for the use of the A12X Bionic chip and even the recent A14 Bionic. It would be a device with greater capabilities in terms of performance and could serve, together with a new command, as a boost for Apple Arcade. A service that could make much more sense focused on Apple TV.

And then there would be a cheaper model, surely more similar to the current one only with some improvements to end the existing limitations and most importantly, a price that allows it to compete with the new Chromecast with Google TV, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick or the Recent Fire TV Stick from Amazon.

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