You could have thrown your old Sonos in the trash without needing

You could have thrown your old Sonos in the trash without needing

You no longer need to activate Sonos recycling mode

At the end of 2019 Sonos initiated an exchange program through which they offered a 30% off in the purchase of a new speaker of the firm. The only requirements to qualify for this discount were to have one of the speakers eligible to qualify for the promo and activate the so-called recycling mode.

East recycling mode What I was doing was converting a perfectly functional speaker, although with software limitations compared to more recent models when we stopped receiving updates, into a piece of unusable plastic. Yes, even if it did not have any problem and you could continue using it with certain limitations, if you wanted the discount you could say that you had to charge it.

Well, as expected the decision neither liked nor made much sense. Even less if one took into account that it was a bad option for the environment. It was going to generate garbage unnecessarily.

Therefore, after the controversy generated and the criticisms that they will surely have received, the company goes back and stops demanding the activation in that way. From now on, if you want to qualify for the 30% discount, what the user will have to do is enter the serial number of the product and go.

What happens to those who activated the recycling mode


Why not use this serial number option before? Good question. The truth is that companies sometimes make mistakes with decisions that may be interesting for them economically, but very bad in terms of reputation.

Anyway, now the new ballot that Sonos will have to solve is that of the users who activated the recycling mode. This was an irreversible way, so they will not be able to restore the functionality of their speakers. Moreover, some insurance that have even thrown them in the trash.

So, we will have to see how they compensate for the loss of a product that they could have continued to use. After contacting Sonos, the response has been the same that other users have received: if you were the owner of one of these models and opted for the exchange program, contact customer service to find the best solution. Which one will it be? We do not know.

They are likely to give some kind of compensation for a new acquisition or, depending on the model used to access the discount, a product that can alleviate the loss. We have not had a clear answer on how they will do it. But if you are one of the affected users do not hesitate to contact them. And hopefully all those companies that plan to do something like that, if they are going to offer an exchange program, that take care of collecting the products and recycling them properly. If not, better do nothing.


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