You can now see Mulan without paying more on Disney +

You can now see Mulan without paying more on Disney +

A year to forget

Disney’s idea for this 2020 was about to launch Mulan, one of his great seasonal premieres, In March. However, as everyone knows (and has suffered to a greater or lesser extent) a global pandemic forced us all to change our plans. The film industry was not spared, of course, the cinemas had to temporarily close and the distributors saw how the box office was crumbling with delays and cancellations without rest.

TO Disney He had no choice but to start postponing his great film (for which he had even held a world premiere already) and give new dates in which to try to fit the film while hoping (and praying) that our life “from before” will be back soon. But that did not happen. And Disney again had to make a decision.


After launching with Artemis Fowl, which premiered in June “exceptionally” skipping one hundred, announced that in September it would do the same with the story of its beloved warrior Mulan. Of course, to try to alleviate the disaster that was not going to be seen on the big screen, the firm chose to release it in an unheard of way on its platform: forcing its subscribers to pay an extra amount if they wanted to see it as 21.99 euros.

The experiment in the end did not go so bad, at least in the US, where more than 9 million subscribers paid the amount to enjoy the Disney movie first from the sofa at home. And all this knowing that a few months later the tape would be “released” on the platform, a moment that has finally arrived for all those who have decided to be a little more patient.

Mulán, the latest in live action from Disney

A few years ago, Disney discovered the pull that their usual stories could have if they were taken to our real world and started a new live action film production strategy that until now has only known how to give them joy. The last one has been Mulan, remake of the animated film that we all knew in 1998, only now performed by real actors.

In it we learn the story of a young woman who pretends to be a man so that the Chinese army does not recruit her father, the only male in the family, and too old and sick to be part of a troop. This story is based on a well-known 15th century Chinese narrative poem called Ballad of Fa Mu Lan in which its protagonist, Hua Mulan, also pretends to be a man and enlists in the army.


Criticism from the specialized press has been somewhat lukewarm with this adaptation, which is accused of changing some essential points of the original plot too much (don’t worry, we won’t do spoilers).

Even so, now it is the turn of a large majority to enjoy it in the open and also give their opinion on it, since Mulán can already be seen in the open, without paying any extra, in the service, enjoying his hour and 56 minutes of footage and various additional videos – in the Extras tab.

If you have Disney +, tell us, did you pay for Mulan in September or have you waited for its premiere now?


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