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You can now play your Xbox One remotely from iOS and iPadOS

Xbox One remote play comes to Apple devices

Microsoft continues to work on everything that has to do with its game consoles. Thus, in addition to preparing everything for the launch of its new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, the company also updates its application for iOS and iPadOS devices to offer the same options as Android, or almost

From you can now enjoy the long-awaited remote game option. A feature that had not been available before and that finally will not only allow you to play when you are connected to the same local network as the console, but also through mobile connections or Wi-Fi networks with internet access.

Of course, before continuing, it must be made clear that this is not xCloud. That is, here you are going to connect directly to your console and not to Microsoft’s servers to enjoy the entire catalog of Xbox Game Pass games, for that there is still time because Apple does not make it easy and the Redmond company is adapting the service for access via web browser as Amazon Luna does.

So, with this option you can only play the titles that you have installed on the console. That is, the same as Steam Link offers. An option that allows you to change the screen that you have connected to your Microsoft console for the mobile one.

Therefore, this plus other news that affect different sections that disappear and others that are redesigned to follow the same line that Microsoft is implementing in its consoles, let’s see what requirements you have to meet to enjoy Xbox One remote play on your iPhone or iPad.

Requirements for Xbox Remote Play on iOS and iPadOS


Now that you are clear about what this remote game is offered by the latest update of the Xbox application for iOS and iPadOS, let’s see what are the requirements that you must meet to be able to enjoy it.

The first thing you need is connect your Xbox One controller to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth connection. This process is very simple and we already told you about it when we explained how to use the Xbox or PS4 gamepad together with Apple Arcade. Still, a quick summary:

  1. Press the guide button or Xbox button to turn on the remote
  2. Press and hold the pairing button located next to the micro USB port
  3. With the Xbox logo light blinking, go to the System settings from iPhone or iPad
  4. Enter the section Bluetooth and identify the command
  5. Select the controller you want to pair and… voila!

Now that you have your controller connected, what you should know is that in order to have an optimal gaming experience, the company advises meeting certain criteria so that there is no type of problem that clouds the gaming session.

The first one is to have a optimal internet connection with about 7 or 10 Mbps of bandwidth if you are going to connect through the internet. The second is, if possible, use 5 Ghz wireless networks instead of 2.4 Ghz for its better performance in this type of case when you do it mainly locally.

With all this, you can now enjoy the Xbox One remote game on your Apple mobile device. As well as the new or redesigned options offered by the application. Of course, some have disappeared and others such as the possibility of accessing the Xbox store are not available.

However, just having this remote play option is worth updating. Because being able to continue the game from the iPhone or iPad and from anywhere where you have a good connection is very attractive.

Just remember that if the application is closed or changed intentionally, the game will continue for 15 minutes. Once that time has elapsed, it closes and the console goes into sleep mode. So save every so often so you don’t lose your progress. Well, always save frequently because this way you avoid repeating parts in case of app closures or connection loss.


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