Minecraft for Chrome OS is now official

Students using a Chromebook as their primary classroom tool are in luck. Microsoft finally released a new version of Minecraft: Education Edition for Chrome OS. An interesting proposal that will not limit social interaction, as it will allow students to converse and share activities with others who use the game on different platforms such as a Windows PC, iPad or Mac.

Of course, before continuing, what exactly is the Education Edition of Minecraft. Well, for those who do not know it, I still have to say that it is not the Minecraft game that, perhaps, many think it is. This is a version that is geared towards teaching, hence it can really be considered more like a learning platform.

Of course, one focused on a type of education where Minecraft is used as a basis for students to develop new skills in a series of fields ranging from programming to creative resolution of various types of problems. Everything, as we say, with what this building blocks title allows to make it a different experience from the conventional.

Thus, in Minecraft: Education Edison you will be able to use the block environment and create your own class projects that you can then document and share for other users to access. Or do the same with those of other students. All this without forgetting the customization options that Minecraft offers and that give that game point that makes it much more bearable and attractive for students.

In addition, one of the great advantages that it offers for teachers and those responsible for the education of students is that offers a safe environment, even when communicating with other users. Which, by the way, this time is interesting as it is not limited to those of a single platform. In other words, it will be possible to converse and interact with other students who are running the game on other platforms where it is available.

Requirements for Minecraft: Education Edition

Compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS and now Chrome OS, the education version of Minecraft requires the ability to install Android apps and count with an Office 365 for education account valid. Even so, you can always try a test lesson that helps you assess to what extent it can or cannot contribute to you as a student or as a teacher if you are in charge of a classroom.

With the launch of Minecraft: Education Edition for Chromebooks, Microsoft not only gains users for its educational platform game, but also potential clients of its Office 365 service. Now with a plan for education, but who knows if in the future with the rest of the options more designed for office work at all levels.

If you have a Chromebook and want download this version, you can do it from here.