Spotify and Chromecast from Mac?

Something so simple and straightforward has been asking for supplications for a very long time. Thus we can see it in the official forums of Spotify, where the users asked for the possibility of sending the music to a Chromecast from their computer. And it was something that did not make much sense from the user side, since, if from your phone or tablet you could send the sound to a device with Google CastWhy couldn’t the same thing be done from a Mac and a computer?

Just take a look at the available device bar to see that something is not working correctly. And it is that in this panel all the Echo speakers compatible with the function appear immediately, but no trace of Google Cast devices, such as a television with Android TV or the NVIDIA Shield.

Spotify 1.1.38 already allows it

Spotify Chromecast Mac

In order to get your Chromecast devices or with Google Cast appear on the desktop version of Spotify for Mac and Windows, you will only have to update the application to version 1.1.38 so that the list of devices appears updated. The problem is that currently the version you can download from the web is still 1.1.37, so you will have to update the application from the configuration menu.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Enter the setting from your account, within the Spotify application.
  • Go down and click on “About Spotify
  • A window will appear with the information of the application version, and you probably have an update available to download.
  • Update the application and restart it at the time it tells you to.

Spotify Mac Chromcast

Once you have updated the application to version 1.1.38, you will be able to see the Chromecast devices you have at home, so from now on you can send music to your TV with Android TV or any Chromecast device directly from your computer.

With this update, one of the most demanded requests by Apple desktop users is ended, since the streaming service did not offer this possibility of sending the audio for some strange reason.