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You can now integrate your Fire TV to Alexa routines

What are Alexa routines

Alexa App Routines

The Alexa routines They are a way of creating automated actions that are activated through a voice command that you establish yourself or by using other types of triggers such as different types of sensors.

Do it the way you do it, the interesting thing is that in the case of voice commands you could use commands like “Alexa, it’s time to go to bed” to perform actions such as turning off the lights, activating a timer with a music that helps you relax or fall asleep, etc.

Well, if you already know how to create them, we don’t need to remind you that it is very simple, but if not, from the Alexa application itself, this would be what you would have to do to create your first routine:

  1. Go to the Alexa app on your mobile or tablet
  2. In the menu go to section Routines
  3. Press the + icon
  4. Next, choose how you want to launch the routine, if by using a sensor or voice command, etc.
  5. From there add the different actions you want or need
  6. In Since, what you have to do is select the device that will control the routine
  7. And finally, hit Create and ready

This is the basics to know about Alexa routines. From here on, each user’s own imagination and the devices they have will mark the possibilities. But from the beginning we already anticipate that they are many and very varied.

Amazon adds Fire TVs to its routines

Until now, Amazon routines could not be used with the company’s own Fire TVs. Yes it is true that there were certain options, but the versatility that could have been enjoyed from the first day that these HDMI sticks or that new cube-shaped device were presented was not expected.

Now all that changes and Amazon expands its routines to Fire TV, to each and every one of the models offered by the companies. Thanks to this integration you will be able to create routines where among all the established actions one will affect the Amazon player.

In this way, for example, you can say things like “Alexa, movie night” or “Alexa, I’m going to have a bite to eat” so that together with different actions that you have programmed such as turning the lights on or off, among others, they can also be seen complemented with those that can be made by the Fire TV that you have connected to the living room TV or another screen.

So with the first request, thanks to the CEC support, you could even turn on the television and start playing a movie or series on compatible services. And with the second pause what you are watching to be able to go for a snack in the kitchen, but these are only two examples.

Here again the imagination of each user will be what will mark the user experience. So as soon as you pay a little attention to it, you will realize that being able to create routines and use the Fire TV in them is very interesting. Especially if you also link these to Alexa and have some devices such as the Fire TV Cube or televisions whose Smart TV system is powered by Amazon.


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