You can now buy the most real Baby Yoda you’ll ever find

You can now buy the most real Baby Yoda you'll ever find

A baby Yoda in real size

As you will know if you read us regularly, we made a compilation of all the Baby Yoda figures that you can buy at Amazon. However, in this selection there was none that approached the doll that occupies our cover today. It’s about a Baby Yoda in real size (all the real thing is his little body in the series, of course) whose reservations have just opened so that everyone interested in buying it will already secure his unit.

Sideshow is in charge of manufacturing, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, of The child, a 1: 1 scale figure (that is, exactly the same as the one that appears in The Mandalorian) of this little creature that has conquered the whole world since it appeared in the Disney + television proposal. Its height is 42 centimeters and it is planted on a black base to be able to have it standing.

Baby Yoda in real size

To the doll no detail is missing: the texture of his skin, the fluff of the head, the cloth coat you saw … he even carries in one of his small hands the ball of the lever of the Razor Crest ship that drives the Mandalorian, referring to the nice scene in which he gives it to be distracted and play, which little boy.

Baby yoda

The figure, which is by the way limited edition, is available in the official Sideshow store for your reservation for a price of 350 dollars, which come to be about 315 euros to change, even allowing installment payments. And yes, it accepts international shipments to many countries, including UK. As for availability, the figures should be ready sometime between August and October of this year. You have to be patient.

The Child, the real protagonist of The Mandalorian

We have already told you many times: The Mandalorian It has been a success and partly thanks to this creature. It is true that the TV series has many features that make it an entertaining and perfect proposal for fans of the universe of Star wars, but there is no doubt that the introduction of this character ended up making the Mandalorian fiction was on everyone’s lips.

The great mystery that exists around its existence (although we have already ruled out that it is Yoda in baby version, we still do not know who it is, what is its name – although we will find out about this in the second season, they have promised us – and if there are more creatures like The Child.

Baby yoda

The little green creature will charge even more prominence if it fits in the mentioned second installment of The Mandalorian (which is confirmed for autumn of this 2020), since the Mandalorian has set a course to find its origins and return it to his home. We will see what fate awaits this character that has us so obsessed.


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