Yes, Baby Yoda’s blue cookies are for sale (at the price of gold)

Yes, Baby Yoda's blue cookies are for sale (at the price of gold)

Chapter 12: back to Nevarro

Chapter 12 of The Mandalorian (considered number 4 of the second season) has left us many scenarios and faces that we already knew. And it is that our committed Mandalorian warrior and his protégé Baby Yoda have returned to Nevarro, a planet that we already saw in the first season and in which the great final “battle” against Moff Gideon was fought.

Mando thus meets Cara Dune and Greef Karga again, who will ask him for help in trying to dismantle a supposedly half-abandoned Imperial base. As our protagonist does not know how to say no, he will leave The Child in the new school from the city, along with other children, until their return.

baby Yoda on desk

And it is right there when we arrive at the scene that interests us: at one point Baby Yoda sees how a child sitting at the next desk eats some blue cookies that powerfully attract your attention. The little creature asks him – we already know his craving for food – but the infant refuses to give him, so our dear green baby uses The force to grab the packet and start eating cookies like there’s no tomorrow.

Baby Yoda Blue Cookies

It is not the only time we will see him eating the snack: almost at the end of the episode he will appear on the ship, with his package in hand, devouring the cookies and will even finish vomiting them -image on these lines- for the turns that the Razor Crest makes while the Mandalorian faces several warriors of the empire.

Licensed and not cheap macarons

The episode has therefore given us several nice scenes with cookies as protagonists, so the famous American luxury brand Williams Sonoma has not hesitated to take advantage of the pull and launch a pack of officially licensed Star Wars macarons inspired by the chapter.

Baby Yoda Blue Cookies

The Nevarro Nummies Macarons They are exactly the same as those seen in the Disney + series and have a considerable price: 50 dollars (about 42 euros according to the current exchange rate), which means that each macaron comes out to 4.15 dollars, a cost, on the other hand , very much in keeping with this famous French pastry snack.

They certainly have vanilla filling. Anyone fancy a cookie?

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