Xiaomi today unveiled its new smartphones. The Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro hit the market to surprise. However, being Xiaomi the manufacturer it is, it also gave us gadgets to stay dreaming. One of them is this speaker with wireless charger.

This small speaker has 5W speakers and is made to fit a smartphone. Be it the Xiaomi Mi 10 or any other smartphone with charging.

Fits your smartphone into this Xiaomi speaker and charges it wirelessly

Xiaomi wireless charger speaker

As soon as the smartphone (with wireless Qi charging) is attached, the device immediately starts charging (up to 30W). This small column is also perfect for those who want to view videos. This is because the 20º angle gives the smartphone the perfect inclination to land and watch Netflix with your head on the pillow.

Pairing with Xiaomi smartphones is superior

Xiaomi wireless charger speaker

However, as you would expect, Xiaomi smartphones earn more for having such an accessory. As soon as you connect a Xiaomi Mi 10, for example, the smartphone automatically detects the speaker and makes your smartphone an authentic bedside clock.

Unfortunately this integration is with the assistant Xiao Ai. That is, Google Assistant’s Xiaomi solution for its Asian customers. Still, there is hope that you can activate the Google Assistant as soon as it is connected. However, nothing was mentioned in that regard.

Xiaomi column price

Xiaomi wireless charger speaker

With a price of 33 €, this column is perfect to have on the bedside table. A small gadget that will charge your smartphone and still give you a perfect bedside clock.

There is still no information about the possible arrival in UK, however, as I have said, the official Xiaomi stores in UK have arrived to raise the bar. The manufacturer has already shown that it wants to give smart gadgets to the UK’s public and that its focus is not smartphones. Hopefully this column will also reach our market.

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