Xiaomi has launched yet another product on its crowdfunding platform, Youpin, which promises to make a point. The keyboard has two variants, one wired and the other wireless and with RGB lights for a more futuristic effect.

The keyboard is inspired by the character Joker who in 2019 conquered theaters for one of the most talked about movies of the year. On the keyboard we don’t have the face of Joker but we have the typical references of the card suits on the keys.

Xiaomi keyboard is not as cheap as other Xiaomi products

Xiaomi Joker Keyboard

This keyboard is quality and made to last longer than any other. That is, this is a keyboard designed for those who want the best in the market.

Therefore, we do not have the typical low price of a Xiaomi product. Still, the value is competitive when compared to keyboards with the same build quality.

  • Wired Joker Xiaomi Keyboard – $ 116
  • Joker’s Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard and RGB Lights – $ 154

We must bear in mind that this is the value of the product at Youpin. That is, it is more than likely that the price will be slightly inflated once it reaches the international market.

The keyboard is expected to first reach online stores from China, but with the presence of physical Xiaomi stores in UK, it is also possible that it will hit our market.

96 Cherry MX keys and metal construction

Xiaomi Joker Keyboard

The keyboard comes with 96 Cherry MX keys. This type of key is a favorite for gamers for its quality and durability. The keyboard measures 372mm x 123.5mm x 42mm and weighs 1.60kg.

This weight is due to its metallic structure. This structure has a degree of elevation of only 6º so that its use is comfortable for long periods of time.

Xiaomi keyboard works with PC, Mac, Android and iOS

Xiaomi Joker Keyboard

The keyboard works with a good number of operating systems. The PC and Mac were expected, but it is worth mentioning that you can also connect to an Android or iOS product that will also work. It does not seem the most convenient for swimming in the backpack but this possibility exists.

In short, as I mentioned, there are no dates for the possible arrival of this keyboard to official Xiaomi stores in UK. However, you don’t miss out on sending a message or email to show your interest. Who knows if they do not look at this product more closely.

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