Xiaomi’s cheap gadget turns a cold water tap into hot water!

Xiaomi hot water

Xiaomi goes beyond smartphones. This is one of its advantages. Xiaomi has scooters, drones, smart lamps and now also a gadget that will turn a cold water tap into hot water.

This is the ideal solution for all those who for some reason only have a cold water connection on their tap. Or there is even hot water, however, in this cold winter it still doesn’t get as hot as expected.

This Xiaomi gadget that turns a tap into hot water costs only € 30

Xiaomi hot water

If you have seen similar solutions, you know that the price of this type of material is not cheap. They run on mains and the water passes into a water-heating resistor.

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Well, with the value of only 30 € this gadget promises to do wonders. Still, it’s not as perfect as similar ones that cost between € 100 and € 200.

As you can see in the video below, the more water pressure you have, the less efficient the resistance will be. One would expect something from a gadget of this price, though, it’s a perfect solution for places where you don’t need scalding water. That is, I would only recommend this gadget for a shower if your hot water is hot but not as hot as you like.

Xiaomi Electric Hot Water Heater is easy to install

As you can see in the video above, its installation is simple. You just need to make your electrical connection and install it on the tap. Simple and fast.

This Xiaomi Electric Hot Water Heater (this is its name) is perfect for a quick and efficient solution. Note that near the tap you will need to have some kind of electrical connection.

Unfortunately we do not have the information about your electrical rating, but in order to save money, I would say to use this little gadget on faucets that are not used very heavily. That is, only in the last case would use it in the shower so that the electricity bill does not scare you. You can always experiment for a month and see if it’s worth it.

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