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Xiaomi Xiaoyang R5: the smart lock that has facial recognition

Xiaomi Xiaoyang R5: the smart lock that has facial recognition

If you are thinking of renovating your home, this Xiaoyang R5 that was made in partnership with Xiaomi is a plausible option. The gadget has just been crowdfunded for € 323.

The smart lock does not require an NFC connection or biometric sensor. This is because the Xiaoyang R5 uses a 3D face recognition. Something identical to what Apple iPhone X uses. That is, impossible to open with just one photograph.

Xiaomi smart lock is made for technology-savvy

Similar to other locks, the Xiaoyang R5 also plugs into your smartphone and warns you when the door has opened or not. However, it is made for all those who do not want to know or understand technology. Just pop in front of the door and it automatically opens.

The wide-angle camera can capture 1.30m to 2m people. That is, if you are taller than this it is good that you lower yourself a little at the entrance of the house.

Battery lasts for 5 months

The battery is 5000 mAh and will last for 5 months. Together with the smart lock comes another battery for immediate replacement. When the lock reaches 15% the lights turn red and warn the user that it is time to charge.

If for some reason you have lost another battery, you can always charge the lock with USB. It will not be long until the process is done. Still, it's always another task that simple keys don't need.

When can we buy this smart lock from Xiaomi

There are no dates for its release in Europe yet. Crowdfunding is almost done and it seems that it will reach its goal in the coming days. Although in Europe this type of technology is not as popular as it is in China, I believe it is a matter of time and options.

This gadget should be available for purchase on typical websites from China. However, the price is expected to be slightly higher to cover shipping costs.

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