Xiaomi is mostly known for its smartphones, however, they are not the only gadgets that deserve attention. This quality shaver is simply unbeatable in price.

If you have already purchased or seen the prices of quality shavers, you know that their value is not always inviting. this shaver from Xiaomi is for € 15 already with postage included.

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Xiaomi Shaver

The machine has quality features and the product reviews promise a product that is certainly worth the investment. The machine has 3 independent blades (Japanese steel) that will give you a clean and pleasant cut.

Features of the Xiaomi shaver

  • Head with floating and independent blades
  • 5W power and quiet
  • Intelligent cutting (machine always maintains power even with little battery to avoid pulling hair)
  • 1 hour charge for 2 months of use
  • Top (of the blades) is water resistant for washing after cutting

Smart cutting is probably one of the most interesting things about this machine for just € 15. As much as the machine is running out of battery, it will never slow down your cutting speed. This is where many cheap shavers fail. By lowering the speed the blade, instead of cutting, pulls the hair out. (Painful I know!)

Independent blades

Since the blades are independent, they can reach a little further than the fixed heads. In today’s shavers almost all share this functionality, however, with prices well above.

Finally, after shaving you can always wash the top. You just need to click on the button, remove the top and rinse. You don’t have to worry that you won’t spoil anything.

In short, this type of gadget is not cheap. Especially with the features it offers. So, if it were you, I wouldn’t think much.

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