Xiaomi is preparing to reveal the new Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, however, it seems that the presentation will still have a surprise. A monstrous Internet router with 7 antennas.

It is no longer the first time that Xiaomi has provided us with wireless routers and the feedback from this type of gadget has been positive. Well, the new AX3600 will be next in the range.

Xiaomi router will feature 7 antennas, Dual-Band and Wi-Fi 6

Xiaomi router will feature 7 antennas, Dual-Band and Wi-Fi 6

More antennas do not always mean a better signal, however, Xiaomi has already shown us that with its technology the result is of quality. Therefore, we can expect that these 7 antennas will offer us better signal coverage than the typical operator router we have at the moment.

It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi AX3600 will also feature dual-band. That is, you will be able to connect devices to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency. Finally, we will have Wi-Fi 6 for a better connection, more secure and with greater speed.

The details of the router are not yet official but we already have an idea that it will be a little more “intelligent” than the ones we have on the market these days.

Portable computer

According to the information, the processor inside the router will be able to detect new equipment nearby and configure the devices with just one click. Something that is not usual.

Price of this router is still a mystery

If you are fishing for a super router to install at home, you know that the price of this type of gadget is not exactly the most beautiful. A good router can easily reach 3 digits.

However, we are talking about Xiaomi. Thus, it is believed that the router can arrive with a more attractive value. Still, it is worth mentioning that it should initially be dedicated to the Chinese market.

Xiaomi has been opening stores in UK at an impressive speed and the representative in our country has already mentioned that Xiaomi will attack in more products than just smartphones. So there is still a hope that this AX3600 Router may come to hit our market officially.

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