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Xiaomi will make you handsome: care and beauty products

Xiaomi floods your home

Xiaomi Mi stand

Try to know how far Xiaomi goes in terms of product diversity It is not an easy task. It became known for its telephones and then it spread its wings to cover more and more ground in certain sectors such as home automation, technological gadgets or, as we see in this case, personal care.

You may be wondering how it manages to cover so much ground. Well, Xiaomi is not only present in all sectors with its own name or with the “my” logo. Many of his launches are through derivative brands that they have developed themselves, or other companies that they have acquired and become part of their brand. Of course, in the latter case maintaining its own name. An example of this can be: Mijia, Amazfit, Yeelight or Aqara. So, the arm of this manufacturer reaches even further than you surely would have imagined.

Best Xiaomi Care / Beauty Products

Now that you know a little more about this manufacturer, let’s see some of those products that perhaps you did not imagine that Xiaomi was after him. In this case, we focus on those intended for care and beauty.

Pore ​​vacuum cleaner

This is the first of the Xiaomi accessories that we want to show you. It’s about a “Pore aspirator” or rather, a deep facial cleansing device through suction. It has different degrees of strength so that, depending on the sensitivity of each skin, we can adapt it to what we need in each case. In addition, for cleaning that is even more adapted to our needs, it also has different types of nozzles. This accessory will be very useful for the removal of pimples, blackheads or excess fat accumulated in the pores of the skin.

Electric facial cleansing brush

This is the Xiaomi InFace Sonic Clean Pro, a brush for facial cleansing with sonic technology Both women and men. It is another of the equipment that Xiaomi uses for the beauty and personal care sector. This accessory combines the use of sonic wave technology with the vibration of its bristles, which is adjustable, to remove dead skin, perform a deep cleaning and remove excess oil. It has an internal battery that, depending on our use, can give us up to 3 months of duration.


He My Electric Toothbrush It was one of the first equipment that the manufacturer launched on the market in the personal care and hygiene sector. It is an electric toothbrush, with interchangeable heads, which has a set of technologies that improve our oral hygiene.

In addition, we can contact you on our phone so that, from the My Home app, you can give us details of whether we have correctly cleaned our teeth. The LED indicator on its body indicates the degree of vibration and the status of the battery. When it runs out, we will only have to leave it on its charging base so that it returns to 100% in half an hour.

Nail Clipper Set

Xiaomi never ceases to amaze us with every launch it brings to the market. This time he does it again with this nail clipper set in which we find the necessary utensils to keep them in the best possible condition. Also, they present it in this simple and elegant steel case.

Soap dispenser

In these times, having a home automatic soap dispenser it is one of the best decisions we can make. We just have to bring our hands closer when we get home so that the infrared sensor detects them and then dispenses a dose of foam on our palm. We have two possible soaps to choose from: an antibacterial and a scented one. Each foam tank will give us about 400 uses before being used up thanks to its 320 mL.

Hair dryer

He My Ionic Hairdryer It is another of Xiaomi’s great acquaintances in the personal care sector. It is a hair dryer with ionic technology, which prevents dryness, intelligently controls the temperature and reduces static electricity to avoid frizz in your hair. And the sound is not something that you should worry about, since it has a motor that, despite its power, is designed to be ultra quiet.


As we have been mentioning to you, Xiaomi continues to surprise us with its launches in each sector. In this case we have a ZSH brand towel, one of the group companies that Xiaomi controls for the distribution of products in different markets. It is made of an antibacterial material with a high absorption capacity. We will have it available in various colors.

Electric razor

One of Xiaomi’s latest launches in this sector is the My Electric Shaver S500, an electric razor. This has IPX7 protection, so water will not be a problem. It also has a digital panel to know the status of the battery and a USB-C port to charge it when we need it.

Smart scale

Xiaomi Mi Body Scale 2

Another great acquaintance is the My Body Composition Scale 2, the Xiaomi smart scale that we have already told you about on other occasions. With this accessory we will be able to control not only our weight but it will also give us data on the body mass index, the amount of water in our body and various other details from its application for our smartphone. In this scale we can store up to a total of 16 different users and, best of all, store their data for separate monitoring.

These are some of the best equipment that Xiaomi uses for hygiene and personal care. If you know of any other or have questions about any of them, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and we will try to solve it for you as soon as possible.

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