This Tuesday, May 26, the Xiaomi sub-brand will launch a new portable computer. We are talking about a 16-inch RedmiBook that the company has promoted on social networks.

It is a premium looking product with a design that will immediately remind you of a 16-inch MacBook Pro. In fact, if we put an apple in the back, it would be difficult to distinguish one from the other when unarmed.

RedmiBook 16

Ryzen Series 4000 will equip the new RedmiBook

The screen and the processor have been the main points of promotion of the new notebook. This model will arrive with the new Ryzen Series 4000 processors, which promise 60% better performance than its predecessors.

RedmiBook 16

It is impossible to look at this product without noticing that it has very low margins. In its promotion, Xiaomi claims that there is a profit of 90% of the screen. That same screen has a size of 16.1 inches 100% sRGB.

As Apple did in its latest notebooks, this model aims to offer a 16-inch experience in the body where we previously had 15 inches. Without revealing specific figures, Xiaomi also promises better autonomy.

RedmiBook 16

We must remember that, so far, Xiaomi has not yet offered any portable computer for sale in UK. The new 16-inch RedmiBook is presented in China on May 26, and would be an interesting product to see around here in the near future.

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