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Xiaomi Mi 9T begins receiving Android 10-based MIUI 11 globally

Waiting seems to have come to an end for those who have a Xiaomi Mi 9T...

Huawei gets good news! US are willing to ease sanctions

Currently, Huawei is in an ungrateful position due to the various sanctions imposed by Donald Trump....

Huawei will sell Honor! You will not even believe in the values ​​you are asking for

With the dragging of restrictions implemented by the United States indefinitely, Huawei is seriously considering selling...

Xiaomi Mi 10 screenshots show how it will be part of the smartphone

Even today we mention that there are not many questions about the design of the Xiaomi...

Xiaomi will launch a new smart doorbell that you will want to have at your home!

Xiaomi’s smart bells are one of the most interesting gadgets you can find for sale by the Asian company. In addition to having a price well below the average, it offers features that only the bells with an absurd price offer.

Apparently the brand is preparing to reveal a new smart doorbell and in addition to a new design, improvements are also expected compared to the predecessor models. The “Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Video Doorbell 2” was crowdfunded on the Youpin website at a generous price!

Xiaomi smart bell features

  • No wire connection required (works with rechargeable batteries)
  • Facial recognition
  • Motion sensor
  • Notifications for your smartphone
  • You can talk and listen through your smartphone
  • 720p recording
  • Connection with Google Assistant and Alexa (still unsure)
  • Free cloud recording (for a short period of time)

Xiaomi’s new smart doorbell price

Xiaomi's new smart doorbell price

Crowdfunding will start at $ 28 (around 22 €)however, don’t expect this to be the launch value on the online market. Looking at the previous versions, I would say that the new doorbell will arrive with values ​​around 40 €. We still don’t know if it will arrive in UK officially, however, we already have conditions for that with the new official stores of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi physical stores in UK

  • Shop in the center of Porto – R. de Sá da Bandeira
  • Braga
  • MAR Shopping (Matosinhos)
  • Oeiras Park

What’s missing from these Xiaomi smart bells

Xiaomi's new smart doorbell price

Although it is a formidable gadget, looking at previous versions, I really want Xiaomi to solve some details in its smart bells.

One of them is resistance to water and dust. As much as it can withstand some rain, the bells are not suitable for constantly putting in the rain. That is, it is perfect to have inside a porch, however, little advantage to have it on the wall that connects the house to the street.

Then I also feel like having the possibility to contact with wires. For those who do not want to take the time to change batteries every 6 months. I believe that with these two features we would have an even more complete gadget.

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