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Xiaomi will be the queen of photography with revolutionary new lens!

Xiaomi has shown an incredible evolution in the photographic quality of its smartphones over the past few years, having even been the first brand to launch a smartphone with a 108 megapixel camera on the market. Since then, they have consistently managed to gain prominence in the DxOMark rankings, but continue to lose to Huawei.

Today, they revealed through the Chinese social network Weibo a new telescopic lens that promises to revolutionize the quality and photographic capabilities of their smartphones. This lens works almost like a traditional camera, offering a large aperture, which allows you to increase exposure to light by up to 300% and increase clarity by up to 20%.

Despite the numbers that make us very curious about the real capabilities of this lens, Xiaomi ended up not revealing concrete information about the level of the lens opening. Still, they confirmed the implementation of a new image stabilization technology that promises impressive results.

Xiaomi’s photographic lens mechanism is worthy of a compact camera

As you can see in the video above, the main highlight of this lens is its mechanism. Like a traditional compact camera, this lens stands out for its ability to expand “outside the body” of the smartphone. The brand did not reveal any further details about the capabilities of its new lens, but this type of mechanism opens the door to endless capabilities.

For example, you can eliminate one of the current limitations of zoom cameras on smartphones. The cameras’ current telephoto lenses are fixed, not allowing a physical adjustment of the zoom level to be made, forcing it to be done through the software. This lens from Xiaomi, on the other hand, will theoretically be able to do so, ensuring higher quality.

Xiaomi telescopic lens

This lens could also make it possible for Xiaomi to launch smartphones with only one camera, instead of 5 as was the case with the Mi Note 10.

There is still no information on what could be the first smartphone from Xiaomi to debut this lens, being still a project in development. Even so, everything indicates that when that happens, we may be facing the new “King of Photography”.

This is the same type of lens found in traditional compact cameras, which can sometimes present themselves as the best alternative to be able to take great photos on-the-go. Check out the best compact cameras you can buy in 2020.

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