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Yes, the second season of The Mandalorian already has a release date

The Mandalorian, a fantastic surprise The Mandalorian It was announced as one of the great bets of Disney + for its debut at the end...

You can now buy the OPPO Watch in UK

You can now buy the OPPO Watch in UK Images Youtube Videos

Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Germany will produce half a million cars a year

After Elon Musk confirmed that they would build Tesla Gigafactory 4 in the immediate vicinity of...

Google Play Store Already Received New Sonic Runners Adventure Game

The fastest hedgehog in the world is back! Sonic the Hedgehog and his classics have returned...

Xiaomi wants to make a “copy” of the iPhone 12 Mini. But there is a huge problem

Xiaomi is preparing a model with the name “Mini”. More specifically, its Redmi sub-brand. Apparently, the iPhone 12 Mini has caused manufacturers to look again at models with small sizes.

“Small” smartphones are no longer a normal thing. The terminals have been increasing considerably and having a small model is increasingly complicated. Something that Apple knew how to take advantage of.

The huge problem for Xiaomi in a Mini model

Xiaomi iPhone 12 Mini

Apparently, building a “Mini” smartphone is not very complicated. However, the biggest problem lies in autonomy. A Redmi executive said that they are working on a Mini model, however, that the lack of autonomy is a problem that they are not managing to overcome.

Therefore, we do not really know what the solution will be. We only know that the launch of the iPhone 12 Mini brought manufacturers a new point of view.

Apple is always an example to follow (and not always a good one)

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Do it badly or do it well, Apple can create trends in the market. An example of this is the removal of headphones input. Something that was criticized at the launch, but that the manufacturers were following.

Let’s just hope that Android competitors don’t follow Apple’s lead in removing the charger and earphones from the case of their smartphones like Apple did with the new iPhone 12.

One thing is certain, we know that the iPhone 12 Mini will not be the only “mini” on the market. The new mobile phone from Apple is the most affordable device. Still, it’s € 829 for a device that not all users will like. If you want to go for a slightly larger model (iPhone 12) you will have to invest € 929.

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