SIM cards are an essential part of any mobile phone. It is thanks to this little chip that we identify and communicate through a network. But what if they could serve other purposes?

That’s what Xiaomi envisions in its latest patent. Chinese technology is working on a SIM card that will combine storage and 5G connectivity in the same component.

Each side of the card will have its function

According to the Xiaomi patent, this new SIM card would have two functional sides. On the one hand there would be the circuit that we know well and that allows us to access the operator’s network. On the opposite side would be a storage circuit for our data.

Xiaomi SIM Card

One of the main advantages of this approach will be the saving of physical space inside the smartphone. If you have already seen the tray to place your SIM card and memory card, make sure its size is right.

By bringing these two together chips in one, we could considerably reduce the size of that tray. Space that could be used by Xiaomi for other components.

For example, the extra space available could be channeled to include larger batteries. In its gaming smartphones, the Chinese would have more space for the inclusion of better cooling systems for its components.

This patent is still curious at a time when eSIM is starting to take its first steps on the market. This technology allows the use of a virtual card to access the network.

Xiaomi’s new patent can be interpreted as the company’s belief that traditional SIM cards will not disappear anytime soon. If so, then it is better to find a way to save some space by giving it more functions.

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