Xiaomi: user discovers secret in the fingerprint sensor

Xiaomi Mi 9T

The community often reveals secrets hidden on smartphones long after they are released. And that’s what happened to a user of a Xiaomi Mi 9T.

Through a video published on Reddit, the user revealed that the fingerprint sensor built into the screen has a camera. And although this has a very low quality, the issue has raised some privacy issues.

If you never asked yourself what you can see the fingerprint sensor built into the screen, this video demonstrates it. And access was granted after the user has installed the app Activity Launcher.

This application gives users access to activities hidden on smartphones, and to calibration menus, for example. The sensor itself is not designed to go beyond what was designed, so users would not be expected to be spied on.

Xiaomi Mi 9T

What worried the community is the fact that this information can be accessed using a third-party app. Mishaal Rahman, of XDA Developers, said that brands should not allow this type of practice to happen.

You shouldn’t try this on your smartphone. Users reported problems

The app in question was installed by the user, as it was not pre-installed on the equipment. Other users tried to repeat the feat (even on other smartphones), and the sensor stopped working. As such, we do not advise you to repeat the experiment on your equipment.

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