After a very difficult year for Huawei, in which it was banned by the United States, Xiaomi ended up surpassing it in the smartphone market. In the last month of February, Xiaomi climbed to the third place of brands that sell the most smartphones.

Despite this rise, the market recorded a general drop in sales as a result of the coronavirus. But Lu Weibing, Xiaomi’s vice president, admits in an interview that the brand’s market has not been much affected, and that the ‘war’ with Huawei still has many battles to fight.

Xiaomi online platforms record sales increase

The Covid-19 epidemic today has a greater focus on Europe. Having started in China, this ended up being the country where several factories had to slow down or even stop their production. But Lu Weibing says that the brand’s online platforms continue to operate and even register an increase.

As for Huawei, Lu Weibing admits that there is a struggle for market share, but ends up praising the company for its efforts and achievements. For the executive, both brands share similar views on the future.

Lu Weibing even admits that, although the market share does not prove much difference, Xiaomi is still a few steps behind Huawei. However, constant battles continue to be fought, and the company expects the future to be bright.

This shows Lu Weibing’s respect for everything Huawei has achieved. In the mobile market, the lack of Google services has ended up ‘cutting off legs’ to Huawei in recent months. And Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that can and should take advantage of that fact.

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