Whoever is thinking about installing security cameras at home, it is more than obvious that they will look at Xiaomi’s options. The Asian company has a wide range of options at a much more attractive price than the competition.

However, in recent times their security cameras were not exactly safe. Users complained that for some reason they were seeing images that were not from their cameras. The problem was confirmed and Google withdrew access from Xiaomi cameras to Google Assistant.

Xiaomi ensures that the problem of its security cameras has been solved

Xiaomi security cameras problem

Xiaomi quickly released a security patch that reversed the problem seen in the cameras. A small “patch” that came as an update and gave Google confidence to give Xiaomi back access to its assistant.

Well, the manufacturer now said that everything has been resolved and that there is nothing to fear. The patch went from being a patch to becoming an update that solves the problem once and for all.

Xiaomi statement on the situation

You can read in the Xiaomi statement “We confirm that we have completely resolved the root cause of this problem and Xiaomi’s Google integration service has been restarted since January 16. Now, users can use Xiaomi’s Mi security camera services via Nest devices.

At Xiaomi, we make user privacy and the security of your information a top priority. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to affected users. We will take even stronger measures to prevent these incidents in the future.

With the problem solved, Xiaomi security cameras are once again a viable option to make your home more secure. Not only does the company offer quality products with an image streaming service for your smartphone with notices, but it also reconciles all of this at a price that everyone can afford.

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