Xiaomi took advantage of the launch of the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro to also reveal its latest wireless router to us. The Xiaomi AX3600 is a monstrous router with 7 antennas. One of which is intended only for IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets.

With this dedicated antenna, all Xiaomi smart gadgets you have at home (cameras, lights, …) can be connected with just one click. That is, you do not need to perform the painful initial configuration.

Xiaomi AX3600 router has 6 antennas dual-band

Xiaomi Router

As described in the previous leaks, this new Xiaomi router has 6 more antennas to give you an improved internet speed and stability compared to what the operators offer.

You have the possibility to connect 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Since we have 4 antennas dedicated to 5GHz and 2 for 2.4GHz frequency. These antennas promise greater range, more stability and even go through walls that normal routers simply cannot.

Xiaomi router AX3600

Regarding speed, the router will be able to offer internet speeds up to 2976Mbps. That is, this AX3600 is more than prepared for the future and will be a router that will last you for a few years without having speed problems.

Xiaomi router has a price that delights

Xiaomi router AX3600

Do not expect this to be one of those routers that costs € 20. Still, with the price to be revealed at € 80, it is practically impossible to find a competitor to match this value and specifications.

It should be noted, however, that its launch is destined for China. At least for now. However, the entry of Xiaomi stores in UK only showed that the manufacturer wants to give the UK’s much more than just smartphones. Therefore, let us cross our fingers so that stores in UK receive this gadget and its value does not go up considerably.

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