Xiaomi: Redmi will bring a new flagship. But don’t be too happy

Xiaomi Mi 10T

Xiaomi is a controversial brand in many ways. On the one hand, it gives us smartphones and gadgets with fantastic quality and an irresistible price. Smartphones from Redmi and Poco (sub-brands from Xiaomi) are examples of this.

On the other hand, it is a brand that is adopting a seriously questionable strategy with its smartphones. The same should happen to your next flagship of Redmi.

Redmi will bring a high-end smartphone this year

Xiaomi Mi 10T

Rumors suggest that Redmi, Xiaomi’s sub-brand, is preparing to launch yet another high-end smartphone to the market. However, as has already happened this year on other models, the terminal should not be exactly “new”.

This is because, according to the information, Xiaomi should launch a model based on the Xiaomi Mi 10T. That is, the latest Xiaomi phone that has reached our market. This Redmi device should be a Mi 10T with a different name for a different market than ours.

Xiaomi needs to define itself

Contrary to what it may seem, I am not against brands launching models with a different name and the same terminal. I just don’t like to see Xiaomi confusing the market and its fans in this way.

If you want to launch a “Redmi” model that is the same as the Mi 10T, that’s fine. However, start selling Redmi only and only in China or India. Why do we have Redmi smartphones here for sale?

This is because this is all a false illusion. Redmi’s terminals were designed for a market that didn’t want to spend a lot. When they launched the Redmi sub-brand, they decided to go “alone” in the battle. However, what we have now is the same mobile phone with a different name for different markets.

At the end of the day, we still don’t understand where Europe fits in. This is because we have terminals from Redmi, Poco and Xiaomi. What is Xiaomi’s goal? I don’t think even the brand knows.

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